Off the shoulder romper w/Tobi


The second I received this romper in the mail from TobiI KNEW it would become a summer staple for me. I love the simplicity of it. When it comes to a piece of clothing that is a little 'out of the box' for me, I find that if it is in a simple color I can dress it up or down very easily. Sometimes clothing can be scary! The first time you wear something that you haven't tried before, you doubt yourself. "Can I pull this off", I think?  I'm a mom, I'm in my mid thirties,  and I live a casual life, so I have to be able to wear stuff on all occasions. I don't have a lot of opportunities to dress up and go out so if I buy something I need to be able to say that I'd go out to lunch with my kids and husband in it, or an early dinner on a Saturday night, or even grocery shopping or to the beach. I may be weord for this, but I would do all of this in this romper!

For me, I see this romper as being very casual. I'd slip on some sandals and bring my tote bag and go to the Farmer's market in it. I love the floaty sleeves and the off the shoulder aspect of it. It felt breezy and free and cute, and I didn't feel like I was trying to hard when I put it on. My style tends to be more about making fancier things more casual, lately. I want to wear the stuff I have, no matter what I am doing! Take the stuff you might save for night and find a way to make it work for everyday. While I wouldn't wear this to work or an early morning playgroup date, I would absolutely wear it to the beach as a cover up or out with my kids or to Walmart for candles(!) Make your clothes work for you, and wear what makes you happy!

I found that Tobi has a ton of great options for clothing that can be worn for any occasion, even if you are like me and your occasions are fairely mundane:) I'm always a fan of jumpsuits, and dresses are the best on hot summer days. Also, can we discuss how bodysuits are back, and how badly I want one? HA.

P.S. New customers get 50% off of their first order with Tobi!

It gets better, continued


On Meagan: Madewell overalls; Matisse fringe boots; Top, old (similar.)
On Molly: Target overalls; Minnetonka boots.

It's funny how each age with this little girl (and her brother, who, at six, is NOT interested in photos;), it just keeps getting better and better. Every single time I say, "no THIS is it, the perfect age!", they get older and I fall more deeply in love. It seems at first, when you stare at this strange newborn who just shows up all of a sudden, that you cannot possible love them any more than right that minute. Yet it grows, bigger and bigger, just like the memories we make and all the moments, big and small, that make up their lifetime. Just when I think that my love for them is overwhelmingly immense, it grows.

Perhaps it's the act of raising them, toiling day in and day out from day one, that does it? It's every diaper changed, every night spent teaching them to sleep, the tears at 2am, to the temper tantrums and extreme vigilance needed to keep a two year old from constantly being in danger. The hard years ARE hard, but they go by fast (which I didn't feel at the time!) All of a sudden it gets good, really good. You go from barely surviving each day, to waking up happy to see their faces and enjoy their company (because I can sleep in now, YAY!) They become your sidekicks, the people you most want to spend your day with. I love hearing my daughter talk about her day and how she problem solved an issue with a friend, or teaching my son that he can have painted nails, as long as he is comfortable with himself and his choice.

These people I'm raising are just great people, we have in depth conversations and I can see who they will become someday. They aren't extremely moldable toddlers and volatile four year olds anymore. And I love it. They make me laugh with their quick wit, and drive me nuts with mood swings. The problems of the past, like keeping them from falling down the stairs or ingesting laundry pods, are gone. Now I worry about them being excluded at school, being bullied, not being prepared if a stranger approaches them, what they can say if someone tries to talk them into something bad, or how I'm going to get through math homework. (What's up with multiplication in Second grade?) The problems and worries are still there, they're just different.

I find that I just really love where we are right now, and I can see glimpses of how it will be as they age. My role as their mother will change. I'll never be their friend as they grow up, I am their parent and the person who is in charge of their well being, but I know we will get there someday. I plan to push them to be their best, I hope to be their confidant and their safe place to land. I want to see them shine and teach them how to be responsible adults. I want them to be kind, always. That's my biggest hope. And happy! Whatever brings that happiness, I am behind 100%. These kids, they have the whole world at their feet and I am so honored to be their mother.

So yes, it does get better. I promise that! I don't worry about the stuff I used to worry about. I get to sit with them on a Saturday night and enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant. I can see them order politely and sit through dinner without cleaning up after them or rushing out. We can enjoy the things around us more, instead of worrying about naps and feeding schedules and the like. While I look back fondly at that time (as we all do of hard times gone by), I am so grateful to have them as they are right now. I don't know what the future brings, but I do know that it gets better and better as time goes on, and I look forward each second I get to be their mother. 

Get in your danger zone


My daughter came home from school this past Friday and told me she learned about the concept of operating outside her comfort zone while learning. It was taught as a learning tool for the kids in her class, but I think it relates to all of us in life. 


You see, there are three zones we can operate in: the comfort zone, the risk zone, and the danger zone. 

When we operate in our comfort zone we are happy and content, but we don't learn and grow. We may feel safe because we are in a place of comfort, but the potential for growth is stifled. We stagnate. (Truth: I REALLY like this zone.)

When we operate in our risk zone we push ourselves out of our safety net. We are scared and intimidated, because we are going out of where our current knowledge is, but we grow and learn. This is just the beginning. 

When we operate in our danger zone AWESOME things can happen. We dream big and sometimes fail big, but learn amazing lessons as we grow. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, right? Even failure brings learning opportunities, but we can't know this until we try. Go big or go home, right?

Here's the thing. I LOVE my comfort zone. It's easy and safe and just the best. There is no failure here because nothing big is attempted. The status quo stays the same and all is well. Yet something is missing. Sameness and routine is all good and wonderful, until it gets boring. You wonder, is this all there is? 

Blogging for me was stepping out into the risk zone. To put myself out there on a daily basis as a "style expert?" THAT was scary. I worried about what people would think. I worried TOO MUCH about what people would think. And then I just said "screw it," and wrote a post and published it, and 1000+ posts later I am still doing it. It was a risk to press publish and create a blog and let my inner dreams show, and I did it. 

(Wearing overalls scared me, too. Sometimes you've gotta start small, little triumphs can lead to bigger things!)

Yet, I still needed MORE.

I wanted more, even though I really am very happy and content. But I like to learn and grow and push myself. Always. I like to be the best me I can be, and that means looking for ways I can challenge myself. I decided to help launch a hair care company and that SCARED ME. It still does. To put myself out there and impose on people and learn new ways to work. That is super scary. Yet the results are super awesome, so I continue to do what scares me. 

I think we all have our own personal version of our comfort, risk, and danger zones. I want to know what you can do that really scares the pants off you. Not the dangerous risk stuff, we all know what I mean, right? I mean the stuff that scares you, yet gives you butterflies and makes you DREAM and creates that magic inside your head and makes you say, "What if...?" 

What if you go outside your comfort zone and create the reality that scares you and exhilarates you and makes you dream bigger than you ever have before?

What if.

Fringe skirt from Tobi


c/o Tobi fringe skirt

Hi! Have we met? I'm Meagan (not Jackie, ha), and I may have a teeny tiny little obsession with all things fringe. 

This is not new, no? 

I have three or four pairs of fringe boots, a pair of fringe heels, several fringe bags, a clutch or two, and now this skirt! I guess I just really love things that have a boho vibe, but can be paired with simple things for quick dressing. I'm a mom of two, I have several part time side gigs that keep me pretty busy, and I LOVE being able to be stylish and feel amazing about how I'm presenting myself in the quickest way possible. I really like pieces in my closet that I can grab on the go for an impromptu date night that are fun and a little outside the box. This fringe skirt fits that bill. I can pair it with a simple tee and a statement necklace and simple (fringe, ha) boots and be DONE. 

I think it is important to have things in your closet that can be grabbed in a hurry for those events and activities that are not part of your typical daily life. In my "real life", so to speak, I'm pretty casual. I do dress up and wear lipstick and tons of jewelry, but I'm also in jeans and a tee. Then sometimes I get to go away on a work trip for the weekend and I need cute things to wear that I don't necessarily get to wear every day. It's fun! This skirt is that fun something.

(You can find more skirts from Tobi HERE, as well as some gorgeous maxi dresses, and (if you dare!) crop tops.  Remember! New customers get 50% of their first order;) 

That being said, I would totally wear this fringe skirt grocery shopping with my kids with a pair of simple sandals and large tote. I'm fancy like that;)

I get paid to wash my hair


So I'm fresh home from a weekend in Chicago at Monat's Spring Forward event and I am PUMPED UP, you guys! I mean this with all my heart (and I know it sounds weird), but I wake up each day excited to sell shampoo. 

That's not the whole story, though.

I DO sell shampoo. It is magical and has made my hair regrow after years of it falling out, and gave me back softness and shine and manageability. I have never tried anything like it before, and I have tried it all. When I say it has changed my life and my hair I am completely serious. Hair always seems like something we shouldn't care about, because there ARE serious problems in the world. I get it. But you know what? We still do. If we have "bad" hair (which I did), it affects how we feel every single day. To have products that make me feel good about my hair each and every day? That's amazing to me. 

Yet I do more than just "sell shampoo on the Internet."

I help others fall in love with their hair, too. I share amazing products with those around me and give them back something they have been missing. Great hair. I share products that have changed the way I felt about my hair and it makes me so happy. I get texts and calls every single day about how Monat has changed their hair and their lives. It's contagious! 

With that being said,  I also get to help those around me who have that excitement and want to share Monat, by mentoring them to have the same success I have had. Helping to launch Monat means I have gotten in on the ground floor of this company's launch, and sales are NUTS. Sales are projected to be over 100 MILLION this year (our second year!), and with only 25,000 market partners that is a lot of opportunity for success. I've seen it with my own eyes and I have huge goals for myself. 

One of the things we were encouraged to do this weekend was to set a goal for ourselves for one year from now. It couldn't be a "safe" goal, it had to be something that scared us and excited us and made us giddy with happiness for making that goal happen. My goal was this:

One year from now, I am going to continue to promote with Monat, and make $8,000-$10,000 A MONTH as a Managing Market Mentor. I have the steps in place and it's going to happen. This kind of money and success will allow us to travel more (something I love to do), and experience a life I have only dreamed about (yet never knew how to achieve.) It's not about the stuff I could buy with money like that, I'm not that greedy, it's about giving my family opportunities we have only dreamed about. Paying for things in cash, padding our 401K even more, paying for our children's college in full, this is what I dream about.

This is what I love about Monat. None of us can achieve our goals without empowering those on our teams to succeed. I love leading and teaching and helping those around me create goals that will get them where they need to be in a year. Whether they want to be stay at home mama's, travel more, be able to work less so they can be less stressed, I can help them get there. It is possible and attainable and I'm absolutely ready for each of you to shine, too.

I am adding to my team. If you have hair, and know people that have hair, this is for you. If you can commit to talking to two people a day about how much you love Monat, this is for you. If you are a stay at home mama, a woman that works a full time job, a person that works several part time jobs, or someone who is TOO BUSY to add something else in, this is for you. I can mentor you to DREAM BIG again. 

If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small! Email me at meagan_rigney(at)yahoo(dot)com is you are interested in hearing more! I'd love to give your more info about this amazing opportunity;)

Some pictures from my weekned below! I had the BEST time being surrounded by some truly inspiring women. There were so many moments that I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes, being able to work for Monat and be a part of this ground floor opportunity is just so wonderful. It all started with a simple review for my blog, that was it. I never planned to jump into direct sales, but plans change. For the better! I am just grateful to be here and to do something I love each and every day. 

Overalls; off the shoulder ruffled top; fringe shoes.
Off the shoulder peach dress; fringe clutch

Tell me, where do you want to be a year from now?