I'm thankful for YOU, and J Crew


Happy Thanksgiving to YOU! Hopefully right now you are enjoying this day with family and friends, in a home smelling of roasting turkey, pumpkin pie, and crisp apple cider! I'm currently snuggled up with my babies watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, and looking forward to a true military holiday, spent with friends that have become my family. 

 I wanted to take a minute to mention how thankful I am for you, my dear readers, for taking the time to read my words and become a part of my life on a daily basis. I truly enjoy getting to know you through emails, texts, comments via this blog and social media, and in some cases, in person. I am blessed to be able to show up here on a daily basis and feel like my take on motherhood, style, marriage, and LIFE can be of entertainment to you. Creating content for Because of Jackie is a dream come true for me, and you make it possible to continue on almost four years after I first clicked "publish." 

I hope you know ho much I adore you, appreciate you, and are so very thankful for you!

P.S. I also put together a J Crew gift guide to make you drool a little, (and maybe get your online carts ready for some online shopping!) I mean, who doesn't drool over J Crew?!

Tell me, which is YOUR favorite from below?

My top five favorite "me time" indulgence's


Target cardigan, scarf, and hat (similar); Old Navy tee and jeans; ℅ Lulu's boots

First of all, holy winter! These were taken last Thursday when the lake effect snows blew in and kicked my behind. The funny thing about snow here is, it comes in fast and furious and in bands of blizzard like snowfall. It can be bright and sunny one second (when I set up my tripod for this shoot), and crazy snowing the next (see above!) I'll choose to just laugh over it when editing my photos, and roll with the punches;)

On to my favorite "me time" indulgences!

For a long time after having my kids back to back I had very little me time. It could be something small, like reading a magazine while I nursed, or a couple of minutes of watching tv with my husband between feedings. The time I have to myself has increased as my children have gotten older, and I find it is so important to have moments where I get to do whatever I want to do (cue the angels singing!) Here are my top choices for  "me time" when I get a pocket of time to myself:

1) I have always been, and will always be, a reader. I snuck books under my desk in elementary school (and got caught, often), and have always made time for reading no matter what. When my babies were still babies, I used little pockets of time to read. Sometimes it was a couple of pages while I waited for the pasta to boil, or late at night after they went to bed. Reading has always been a priority for me. It is important for me to show my kids my love for reading, and that they see me read a lot. It is a love and a passion I hope to pass down to them. I also do it purely selfishly and for me, too, because I love it that much.

2) I never knew I would have said this ten years ago, but working out is a great indulgence of mine. At first it was because the gym had free daycare. Now I find it lets me get my aggression out and be fit and healthy for myself and my family. I enjoy pushing myself and being the best I can be. Also, I like cute workout clothes;)

3) This may shock you, but shopping makes me happy. I like wandering in stores alone, browsing and trying things on, with no thought of entertaining my children or worrying about keeping up with anyone. I like to see what is new and trendy, touch everything in sight, and take a long time to contemplate what is coming home with me. My favorite stores to browse are Target and Ulta, (surprise!)

4) I realize this may make me sound old, but I LOVE watching QVC. 99% of the time if I am home alone, I am watching it. It is often just background noise for me, but I really enjoy watching the presentations and seeing what is new! I don't buy from them all the time, but I DO get a lot of my favorite beauty and clothing items from there in super sizes (I also love easy pay and auto delivery.)  These Logo tanks are the best, and my Fresh Cream lotion, Argan oil, and Wen cleansing conditioner all come from QVC. 

5) Lastly, I know that this doesn't qualify as pure me time, but I really adore getting to get dressed up and go on dates with my husband. Maybe it's because we don't get to get out that often, but having that time to eat really good food and have uninterrupted conversation? It is priceless to me. Not only do I love being married to him, but I truly enjoy him as a person, so having quality time with just him really recharges me.

Oh, we also bought a hot tub last year, so ending the evening in that is pretty awesome too;)

Tell me, what is your favorite "me time" indulgence?

Let's talk about Asos, shall we? (Gift Guide Week!)


blanknyc moto jacket; Old Navy coated denim; ℅ Lulu's plaid dress (option); ℅ DSW peep toe wedges.

Have you met Asos yet? For a long time I didn't know this mecca existed. They have some of THE COOLEST items, and often for not a lot of money. They always have free shipping and free returns (which is a must for shopping retailers, I think!), and update their site frequently. I find myself browsing their website constantly, they have a great jacket selection, and a lot of my most well loved items come from Asos. Like my leopard coat

My tip to you: if you see anything that you like below but find it too pricy? Stalk it a little bit, especially on black Friday and cyber Monday. I bought my aforementioned leopard coat this same time last year on a crazy sale day right before it sold out, and I have been in love with it ever since. I may do the same with that patchwork fur below! I also love some of the red dresses below, which are perfect for holiday parties! And can we discuss the cozy sweaters and scarves?!

Tell me, what are your favorites?

Madewell is the place where dreams are made of {Gift Guide Week}


Oh, hey! It's that time of the year when my heart rate goes up and I think of all the things I need to do and buy so that those around me have the best holiday ever. This doesn't stress me out at all. (Can you SENSE the sarcasm?)

I really try to get a lot of my shopping done early, but inevitable I procrastinate and end up going out last minute for things. But not this year! I've made a plan, and most of my shopping will occur online and shipped to where I need it to go. No, I can't hand wrap and beautifully present things this way, but it saves me time and heart palpitations, and makes me happy. 

This week I will be focusing on stores that I think have great sales, awesomely curated gift ideas, and awesome shipping promos. I'll add in any promo codes I find, too, to help you get the best deals for you money. The thrill of getting great deals always makes me happy, and I'm assuming it does the same for you! Also, I'm not a big fan of doing gift guides for certain groups or themes, I just see stuff I like and want to share. Whether it be a great deal on stocking stuffers, an awesome teacher gift, or something you want to bookmark and send your significant other (something I believe in!)  I want to show you what is cool out there RIGHT NOW. And maybe make you drool a little bit over all the pretty things;) 

Here's what I'm loving at Madewell this holiday season:

Forever 21 is KILLING it right now


somehow made it to the Forever 21 website yesterday when I was looking for a similar option to link for an outfit, and then promptly lost an hour of my life browsing. There are so many great things there right now! From retro looking black turtlenecks, to fabulous faux fur vests (I NEED!), to sparkly headpieces to wear to holiday parties, I loved EVERYTHING. 

Now the real question for your Friday is, who is going to talk me out of having more knit ponchos than is humanly possible……?

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