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Old Navy tee; J Crew shorts, old (similar); Target boots, old (love these fringe ones!), and hat (similar); Zara necklace, old (deco pool collar!)

Last week a few of my friends and I escaped the sticky clutches of our children got the awesome chance to go tubing down a river while drinking warm Pinot Grigio out of plastic bottles at 10am. 

Don't judge me, it was AWESOME.

Besides talking about men (always), kids (always), an upcoming passion party (ha!), and other such nonsense, a question came up that stumped us all.  

What are TEN things that you want for yourself?

This sounds innocent, right? And easy? Think again. This list has to be completely about you. Not dreams you have for your kids, or anything that screams to do list, or dates you want with your husband. What do YOU want to do? Sometimes as a mom and a wife (who stays at home and can sort of get sucked into ONLY being a mom and wife most of the time), this thought process is hard. Even though I honestly don't mind this most of the time. I hardly ever think about what I want to do.  So I'm challenging my mama (and non mama!) friends to come up with TEN things that they want to do, either right now or ten years from now. Can you do it?

Here's mine:

1) Go to Lucky Fabb again, either in NYC or L.A.
2) Have a (lot's of) girl's weekend. And possibly meet some fabulous ladies I have met online, and reunite with others!)
3) Connect with a local photographer to expand my photography skills, and also to collaborate on better photographs (goodbye, tripod!)
4) Create a viable income for my blog and be a self sustaining/self employed woman (working on it;)
5) Continue to work out and find ways to push myself more so I can be stronger/healthier.
6) Visit the Italian Riviera, and also Greece. And Ireland!
7) Work as a writer, both for my blog and other publications.
8) Give away/sell everything I don't love or absolutely need. Less is more. I still have unpacked boxes from my move a year ago. CLEARLY I don't need this stuff.
9) Learn to spend more wisely when it comes to clothing and accessories, and find what is truly me. (I'm currently filling out this worksheet HERE.) This is not about being someone else, but about being less impulsive and more targeted with how I spend money/buy things. 
10) Be fearless in what I am scared about, (like trying blonde hair!) Life is short, wear the red lipstick to preschool drop off;)

Tell me, what are some things that you want for yourself?

P.S. Due to a demand of YOU asking, I've decided to make this a link up! I can't wait to read your lists!

are you the mean one?


Target tee, in store (option) and sandals; American Eagle jeans, old (similar); Old Navy bag (similar); Lemons and Lace headband; necklace, old (similar.)

I've been on my own with the kids for a little bit while my husband has been away for work, and it has been challenging. And lonely. And a little depressing if I'm being honest. I've had many stretches of time over the past six years or so with just myself and the kids and I'm used to it, but it doesn't really get any easier. I'm always loathe to moan and groan about this though, because I'm  aware that there are so many out there that do it alone all the time, as well as other military wives that suffer for a lot longer. And nobody likes a whiner, right? But really, why start being dishonest and pretending things are just fine when they really aren't, just for the sake of not wanting to appear weak or ungrateful? 

One thing that tends to override all other feelings while managing things on my own is having to be the good AND the bad cop in our house. You see, in our house we tend to switch off those roles. One of us is the stricter one at times, while the other is a bit softer, and so on. It's never the same person and it's not even something we talk about, but it works. I think kids need a parent in the house to turn to and be coddled, and they need strictness and order. Luckily neither of us always has to be the "mean" one, we both get to be, just not at the same time.

Growing up I had a dad that was (and is) a total softie, and I loved that about him! He was fun and came home and night and got to be the one who let us have more ice cream and stay up late. I adored him, and it didn't really dawn on me until much later that this must have been hard on my mom to always have to be the enforcer.

I find myself now being the  bad cop most of the time, with little time left to be the good one, and this is hard. My children are those that push boundaries and limits, yet crave sameness and routine. They push for more, yet need order and a mom that does what SHE knows they need best. Every task, every moment, all the little rituals of our life are enforced by me. And it's relentlessly tiring. And often joyless.

In my heart I am a good cop, and I'm softer hearted than I thought I would be as a mom. I let them push boundaries and I don't always follow through when I should. I miss the chance to be the softer one, to not always have to enforce. To have someone come home at night and be my helper, my team mate in this family we've built. Sometimes the days stretch into themselves and there seems to be little to make them go faster, so we stay busy. We have friends who make us laugh and neighbors who help the clock go just a bit faster. It helps quiet the loneliness inside.

Until then, I put a smile on my face. I kiss my children when they wake up to another day, and we take it from there.

i'm sorry i have to do this, but...


I know this is cruel, but have you thought about your winter jacket options yet? Seriously though. I KNOW this sounds ridiculous, but it's just like this past January when we were in the heart of the polar vortex and Target had all the bathing suits out. SO cruel! I scoffed and burrowed into my extra warm down jacket and left shaking my head. YET, when I wanted to pick one up in May (when it was still SNOWING, mind you), all the good ones were gone. 

The same rings true for winter jackets in August. I may have just spent the day at the beach with my two children, but all the great merchandise for Fall and winter is out now, and if you wait much longer the good stuff will be gone.

No pressure.

I have all the jackets I need now, including the additions of this Boden Mustard colored mini mac and this Blank NYC Vegan leather moto jacket, but that doesn't mean I can't LOOK, right? I think a fun and different winter jacket really makes the best impact, because it is the one item of clothing people see the most. Last year I picked up the faux fur leopard coat you see above (option here!), and it is my favorite jacket. I always get complimented on it and I am thrilled I got it. 

Tell me, are you in the market for a new winter coat? Which is YOUR favorite from below?

do blondes have more fun?


Forever 21 kimono; Target dress, old (option) and sandals, old (option) and necklace; Forever 21 sunglasses (splurge, save.)

I should probably preface this post by saying I'm not sure I really MEANT to lighten my hair this much, it just sort of happened;)

I have a hair inspiration board on Pinterest that seems to be filled with a whole lot of blonde gals, so apparently I've been wishing not so secretly to have a lighter 'do. I spent a glorious three hours at the salon a couple of weeks ago and when I left I looked like this. And I was shocked? Surprised? It felt so completely different that it took a couple of days to look at myself and even like what I saw. I've always been a darker haired gal, so this was fairly dramatic for me. In the end? I like it! It tends to look different as the weeks are passing, mellowing out a little and not completely shocking me when I look in the mirror upon waking. 

But seriously, my poor hair! I'm working on lots of hair masks, less styling heat, and letting it sort of renew itself after the lightening process. I'd like to think it looks better in person than in the pictures I take, because I'm still a little off when using the manual mode with my camera….but that could be wishful thinking. Any suggestions on hair care for adding shine and creating more volume?

Now let's have a debate: DO blondes have more fun?

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hey, it's my birthday (so let's give away a $100 Nordstrom gift card!)


 Target sweatshirt, skirt, old (option), and bag, old (option); Sam Edelman slip on sneakers; Forever 21 sunglasses.

Oh heyyy, I'm 34! Which leads me to the fun fact that yesterday I got carded when ordering a beer at lunch, and two days ago, a (gorgeous, precious) little eight year old girl told me, "Hey, you have a daughter…I thought you were a teenager!"

Bless her little heart;)

I can't say this year means anything bad in terms of age, because I honestly feel that since I turned thirty I have never felt better about being ME. It's almost like life came into focus and I could be exactly who I am meant to be, and better yet, I don't care anymore what other folks think of who or what I should be. Does that make sense? I am one thousand percent happy with this life I enjoy, doing what I do day in and day out, and having the friends and family that I have. 

My thirties have brought me the ability to eliminate the things that take more work that I'm willing to put out, or those that don't understand who I am or require excessive upkeep. I'm an imperfect person who is okay being imperfect, and I need a life that is surrounded by those that understand that. I also need my loved ones to understand that I require cake and extra frosting on my birthday to make my day extra special;)

So here's to a day spent with friends I love (on the beach!), while our children play and interrupt every adult conversation, to candles on a birthday cake that my kids will most likely blow out for me, to homemade birthday cards and an armful of elastic bracelets from my daughter, and a husband that goes out of his way to make this the best day he can. 

Thirty four is going to be good

P.S. And on THAT note, my sponsors and I have an awesome giveaway for $100 to Nordstrom for YOU! The giveaway will run for a week and is open to international readers via an e-gift card;) Good luck!

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