I need a minute


This week has been one of those quintessential Summer weeks. The weather has been beyond amazing, our days have been filled with sandy bathing suits and endless activities, and life is speeding along faster than I can take it in. Our closest friends (who are our family, really) are also moving away at the end of the week (insert sad face), so we are spending these days with them at a cottage by the lake. 

I don't want to waste a second of time away from my family and friends this week, so I'm going to take some time off from here and enjoy this time with them! Sometimes you need to know when to take some time for yourselves and just BE, and I'm going to do that for myself.

I'll be back soon! 

8 years ago today


I took the test at night, alone in my bathroom. I had anxiously waited all evening, suffering through a 3 hour grad school class with the knowledge that taking this particular test at night wouldn't yield the best results. There had been so many others that had left me sad and unsure about so much about life, and biology, and how not so easy it is to have a baby sometimes. 

But I couldn't wait. 

I took the test and immediately hid it under a hand towel, because I had been disappointed by countless other tests like these. I knew it would say the answer I dreaded the most, had seen for months on end. Yet I needed to know. I needed to know that this hadn't worked. Again. That we had to try another month, wait another month, for something I had wanted my whole life. I hid the test and got ready for bed, happy that my husband was working overnight and wouldn't be able to see the result I knew was coming.

Agonizing minutes later I crept into the bathroom, the cold tile against my bare feet, harsh lights showing the trepidation I felt inside. Knew inside. Feeling like a failure, like something was wrong. Like I had failed. Again. So like a band aid ripped off the skin. I tossed the towel off the test, and peeked, steeling myself for the dreaded answer. Except, it said:


No other word will ever give me the same feeling inside as that one word, flashed in electronic form on drugstore pregnancy test at eleven o'clock at night on June 25, 2007. I shook like I had witnessed an accident, because SURELY, this wasn't true? Could it have happened, after the waiting and trying and endless negative responses? The knowledge that it had worked, that there was a baby within me that I had dreamed for and hoped for and wished beyond all hope to have, was a reality. This baby, discovered in that cold bathroom in Miami, eight years ago today, was a reality. 

That baby, my first, is now seven. She is the light and love of my life, my entire world. Discovering that I was pregnant with her was, and still is, one of my favorite moments of my entire life. It was the night everything changed. The night I found that I wasn't just me, but an us

Harem pants for the win


Harem pants, old (option, option); American Eagle tank; Target sandals, old (similar); Baublebar sun and moon bracelet set and Zodiac necklace.

The elastic waistband has ripped, so they need to be tied on at the waist to be worn. They slouch and sit just so on the hips, with pockets for hands that need a place to rest. They cling in the places they should cling, and float over the places they should hide. They're soft and flutter in the breeze, and look good with just about any top you put with them. 

These pants have been in my closet for a couple of years or so, and even though they are breaking down and should probably be thrown away, I just can't part with them. At least not until another perfect pair come into my life and closet, and fit all the criteria that these do!

Slouchy? Check? Pockets? Check. Easy to thrown on while wrangling two busy kids while school is out? Check.

I call a winner, folks;)

Tell me, what item of clothing do you still have that you can't part with?

3 ways to stay bikini ready this Summer!


Jawbone UP MOVE activity tracker

When it comes to staying fit and healthy (and being bikini ready!), I have an overall goal of consistency, rather than an "oh crap, it's June and I need to look good NOW" mindset. I DO go in phases of eating more/slacking off (er, the holidays?), but more often than not I stay pretty consistent with working out and eating well. I'm not going to sit here and say that I am the most fittest person, or that I eat the best AT ALL, but I do work hard and I am proud of myself for keeping a routine and not giving up or letting it all go after I've had my kids. I am going to be 35 in August (YIKES!), and I hope that staying in shape is a lifelong goal, rather than a seasonal thing. 

On that note, here are three things I do to stay bikini ready year round, and for the Summer as well!

1) One of the biggest things for me is tracking my steps via the Jawbone UP MOVE activity tracker and the UP app with Smart Coach. I have learned through this I don't get enough steps on a daily basis (you can see my worst and best days HERE), and that even on my best day I STILL don't get the recommended 10,000 steps. (Insert sad face here.) So how to I improve that? I have been working on upping my running distance at the gym for those days I work out, as well as doing more full body weight moves afterward (walking lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.) This typically gets me pretty close to the steps I need. On the days I don't work out I incorporate more activities with my kids, such as bringing them for walks or bike rides (rather than sitting at the park while they play.) I also always taking the stairs rather than an elevator, park farther away at stores, and go the long way at any place I have to walk to. These little differences do add up, and I feel better about my overall health. I am a fairly sedentary person by nature, so using the Jawbone UP MOVE and UP app with Smart Coach forces me to work harder than I would on my own. I can easily check the app on my phone and see what my steps are, and see what I need to do to walk more. I used to think that workout out 3 days a week was enough, and that I could slack off on my off days, but this is not true! It took tracking my steps to figure this out, ha;)

2) Not only is moving more a priority for my health, but eating well is just as important. I am not the best with my diet, I am looking to reduce my carbs and sugar more than I already do, but for the most part I eat pretty healthy. I am a creature of habit when it comes to food. I find something I like and I eat that for a month or more before moving on. I almost always eat a Larabar for breakfast with coffee, and for lunch I make a salad. Each grocery day I pre make my salads in tupperware jars (cukes, peppers, tomatoes, and a bit of feta on the bottom, with lettuce on the top to keep everything crunchy!) I make about 5-6 of these at a time, so that each day I just spill it into a bowl and add sliced up turkey, a bit of croutons for crunch, and salad dressing. This makes it easy to make a healthy choice each day and forces me to eat more greens, something I'm not always awesome at. 

When it comes to snacks, I like a handful of almonds, or some Book Chicka Pop popcorn. I can eat that stuff by the bagful, (oops!) I also limit my alcohol (er, mostly...), and I don't eat dessert that often. I rarely eat anything after I finish my dinner, either. We eat dinner between 5 and 6pm and then I am done until breakfast the next day. Knowing when to splurge on treats and snacks, and when to say no is pretty big for me as well. I find there is always a special occasion to splurge on, and I have to say no to things more than I say yes. This makes a difference in not only my weight, but in how I feel about myself in the long run. 

3) Lastly, I find that having cute things to workout in makes me more apt to want to go to the gym! I go through seasons of buying new things, maybe getting five or six complete workout outfits about 2 times a year? This makes me more eager to put on my workout clothes and get going, and I work harder if I feel good about myself. I love Old Navy for their inexpensive options, and recently fell in love with Fabletics for their fun designs and for the quality of their clothes. Workout clothes are a go to casual look for me, you'll often find me wearing them even on the days I'm not at the gym. It's the best way to look pulled together without really trying, one of my fave ways to dress;)

Tell me, how do you stay bikini ready for the Summer? 

This post is sponsored by Jawbone, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting those that support this blog!

My parenting yes's and no's


Ramones tee (adore the fit and feel, it is SO soft!); Target skirt, old; Baublebar tassel bracelet stack; Chinese Laundry flats.

I read an article last week by the almighty Jen Hatmaker (she is my hero;), that really made me stop and THINK. It was about her parenting yes's and no's, and of course it got me wondering what my version of this would be. I don't think there is a mom out there that doesn't double (triple) over think everything they do, whether they are new to parenthood or not. Just when I think I have something down pat, they go and change on me, or they ask a question I'm not sure how to answer. With summer fast approaching, and lots of opportunities to be all together all the time again (insert clenched teeth emoji face!), I wanted to share what my yes's and no's will be. Let's do this!

I say yes to:

Sleepovers in each other's rooms. I mean, it's summer vacation, and we can be a little bit more lax around here. Plus, their giggling after the lights go out is cute.

Staying up late to read books. I actually can't say no to anything that involves reading more.

Anything that involves going outside. Running though the sprinkler, chalk in the driveway, swimming in the pool, walks through the neighborhood, and intricate fairy house built out of sticks. Yes to it ALL.

Doing my exercising outside rather than at the gym a couple of days a week, where they ride their bikes and I run beside them. They love seeing mommy running, and get to challenge her to go faster;)

Staying up past bedtime for special stuff, like drive in movie theaters and cookouts with friends.

Letting them dress themselves if they wish, and giving them the option to express themselves though clothing (even if they look straight up CRAZY sometimes, ha.)

Eating boatloads of fruit, straight from the container. We are in peach and strawberry overload over here.

I say no to:

Anything that comes on during a commercial. We don't actually really need a Zippy Sack or a Magic Pen or a magic bubble blower. Ever.

Any toy in the $$ section at Target, or the toy aisle, or the overpriced novelty item that all the kids are playing with right now. It's just one more thing to throw out in a month or two when they forget about it and move on.

Hearing the statement "I'm bored", or "I don't have anything to do." I find boredom tends to bring their imagination to the next level, and forcing them to figure it out themselves brings awesome moments.

Extra sweets at the grocery store, or dessert every night. I don't like the expectation that sweets come at the end of every meal, or treats are expected during normal grocery store runs.

99% of all video games, excessive television, and movies or computer games that aren't age appropriate or approved by me first. We watch a bit more television in the colder months, so my thought right now is, "It's nice out, so go OUTSIDE!"

Cranky kids and bickering. The second I feel that they are on the edge I find that a forced "quiet time" (1-2 hours in our rooms alone on the days we are home) recharges us all and makes the afternoon better. A short nap helps me, too!

Tell me, what do you say yes and no to?

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