watch/wear/read (including something that will make you feel OLD!)


It's Halloween today and most likely snowing here right now (!), so I'm probably bundled up to my teeth in down jackets and Sorel boots, while my children prance around as mini Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Anna from Frozen. They like showing off how they are completely impervious to the cold in their quest for CANDY, while I die in the frozen tundra behind them. How do they DO that? 

Now what is my secret for surviving Halloween? Confiscate some most of their amazing candy for myself and hide it in the freezer! They never even notice, and mama gets her chocolate fix. Ha! 

While I'm stuffing my face with sweets (and guiltily going to the gym to work it all off), here are some super funny and amazing things I've seen/read/want to wear around the interwebs this week: 


I DARE you to watch Death Metal Rooster and not cry with laughter! My brother introduced me to it last weekend at his house, and am still dying over it. It's epic;)


Rebecca from Mommy in Heels is the QUEEN of layering (and making it look awesome!) in my opinion. She nails it every single time. Love her!

Megan from Chasing Davies makes knits look so fresh and different when she layers them in pretty colors. She's my hero;)


I love the ideas from Ashley from The Shine Project on what do do when Life Attacks You, something that I really needed this week. 

My friend Samantha from The Samantha Show is fierce and sassy and one fun mama, and this post proves it. PLUS, the photos are just gorgeous!

I'm not typically someone who participates in blog themes and such, but Kristen from the Mrs and the Mama has such a great idea for a November Blogathon (check out her themes for the month!) I am SO in, and I hope you check it out and join me, too.

Here are 40 things that will make you feel old, especially if you grew up in the 90's. Which I did. And now I feel old(er)…do you?!

I adore this idea from a Jo from A Cup of Jo about home being a haven for our children. Consider me inspired. 

And in case you missed it…

Do you want to win a pair of Tahitian Pearl stud earrings?

How I'm working my way to a grateful heart

And, three ways to wear knits this Fall (and avoid a jacket…for now!)

Tell me, what struck your fancy today? 

Hope your weekend is a good one!

One shoe, three (completely different) looks!


I really love how a great pair of shoes can change a look in an instant. I have some shoes that I have had forever, (and care for like they are my children!), while others can be a trend or fad that I try for a season and then give away. Something that I'm finding about my tastes in shoes and what appeals to me long term, is that they tend to be fairly basic, are a neutral color, and are easy to wear with everything. These peep toe wedge booties from DSW completely fit this equation for me. They have that edge, that something that makes you feel cool and different, yet they are completely wearable. I wanted to style them three different ways, because reality is that I wear times multiple items in multiple ways, and I like to find ways to make it work in my life. You in? Let's go!

Here are THREE WAYS to wear ONE pair of (amazing!) peep toe wedge boots:

When I think of these boots, I immediately think COOL. Pairing them with a moto jacket, coated denim, and a flirty plaid slip dress epitomizes that notion for me. This is what I typically choose to wear on a night out with my kids and husband, or with my friends for a girls night. At this point of my life I like a darker look, with black nails, ear cuffs, and spiked rings as a centerpiece. I really adore how these wedge boots add to this vibe perfectly, and really fit into the vision of how I want to dress right now
I wore this dress to my tenth anniversary dinner a couple of weeks ago, and now I see these boots with it and wish I had had them that night! I have a soft spot for a great black dress moment, it is my fail safe and go to. Yet when you go this route for an evening out you HAVE TO add in fun and unique accessories to make it shine. While I love a pop of color, or a simple and elegant strappy sandal, these peep toe booties seem more unexpected, and that is what I strive for when I get dressed most of the time. 

This is a fairly casual look for me, I wore it the other day to volunteer at my daughter's school, and then to grocery store after. My favorite part? It took me under ten minutes to throw it all on and get out the door (which is generally the time I have!) AND, I was surprisingly comfortable! My first thought when I'm getting dressed and I have a busy day is to wear a flatter shoe, but the wedge on these booties makes them super easy to walk in, and not uncomfortable AT ALL. And trust me, I'm not willing to be NOT comfortable, it makes me cranky and irritable;)

Not that long ago I completely went through my shoe collection and ruthlessly got rid of everything I don't wear anymore. What was I left with? A smaller collection of shoes, boots, and heels that are truly me. These peep toe booties are something that feels like ME completely. They have that fun factor I look for, yet they go with just about everything I own. They seamlessly fit into my life and my reality, and I love that. 

Plus, they are just so darn AWESOME. That's a win/win in my book;)

Tell me, how would YOU style these peep toe booties from DSW?

*Compensation was provided by DSW via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of DSW.

a girl with a pearl (earring) + a giveaway!


℅ Laguna Pearl stud earrings; Old Navy moto jeans and pocket tee; blank nyc moto jacket (option); Rayban sunglasses; ℅ DSW heels (option.)

Once upon a time (in my early twenties) I wanted desperately to look older. That meant suit jackets at work, and traditional pearls over black shift dresses, and a more buttoned up aesthetic. I've always looked younger than I am (which is TOTALLY paying off now that I'm in my thirties!), but back then I didn't like it. There was a feeling that if I dressed the part I would appear more mature, and traditional looks were my ticket to looking a certain way. 

I have a couple of pearl pieces that I inherited from my Grandmother and Great-grandmother, (as well as a beautiful three strand Jackie Kennedy replica necklace that I treasure), yet I rarely pull them out. They don't exactly fit who I am at this moment in time, you know? I like my accessories to be a bit more edgier and off. Jewelry for me is either completely sentimental, or it's something that I wear for impact and edge, and sadly, my pearl collection doesn't work for my life right now

I've been noticing that pearl jewelry is coming back to life lately, though, it's all over various jewelry websites and magazines, and one of the more fun things I've seen is to take a traditional look and turn it on its head. Layering a pink pearl necklace with chains and daintier pendants, adding a bracelet (or two!) with a watch and rhinestone friendship bracelets, or adding black pearl studs into your earring arsenal is really FUN. I also really love the idea of a pearl solitaire ring instead of a traditional diamond for a wedding set. 

I found that adding a pair of black pearl stud earrings into my look added the edge I like, but was still really wearable. I paired them with a pair of (faux) diamond studs in my second piercing and loved the look! I forget to do this sometimes, as earrings are often a last minute addition for me. It really does add a lot of interest for little effort. I can see this working right now with my moto jacket, and also later on with a simple black dress and heels.

On that note, I'd love to give away a pair of these earrings to one of YOU! They are so gorgeous and I think are something you can treasure for a lifetime. 

You can enter below via Rafflecopter, the giveaway will run for one week and is open to US residents only. Good luck, friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own! Thanks so much for supporting those that support this blog.

a grateful heart


I've been making a conscious effort lately to really take a moment to find all the little moments in life that I am grateful for, and noting it in my mind as I notice it. It often takes a bad moment and turns it good for me, or lets me find the silver lining when I'm feeling discouraged. I've always been one to notice simple details in life that strike me as beautiful, and I find that searching for more of these moments on a daily basis makes me feel more content and grateful. And isn't that what life is all about?

Here are some things I've been grateful for lately:

Free wifi, an XL ice coffee, and a sunny window to sit by at the airport during an unexpected delay. 

The smell of leaves on the ground in Fall. Maybe it's a bit of decay and leaf mold and wetness, but it smells like my childhood and it makes me smile.

A tight squeeze at bedtime by a little boy wearing nothing but his underpants. Little boy hugs are amazing.

Fall foliage at peak, where just driving to the grocery store makes you slow down and stare in wonder.

Frost that sparkles and glitters on the grass as the sun rises.

A ride in a restored convertible with my dad, on a mild Fall afternoon, with the ocean on one side and beautiful homes on the other. 

The smile of a four month old baby after you get them up from their nap. You become their favorite person at that moment, and it is pure bliss.

The smile and full on running hug you get from your child when you've been out of town for four days and you see her again.  

Dew drops on a fallen leaf, laying on the ground all by itself.

Crisp, locally made spiced apple cider, sipped slowly on a Saturday afternoon. 

Re-reading a well loved book, and loving it just as much as the first time. 

A new, plush bathrobe that feels like the softest baby blanket you can ever imagine.

That first, soul stirring sip of coffee on a chilly morning. 

Watching the sunrise from the tiny window of an airplane, the sky flooded with pinks and oranges and gold, as the night slowly recedes beneath you. 

Tell me, what are YOU grateful for?

fall trends with lulu*s: three ways to wear cozy knits

℅ Lulu*s sweater dress and bucket bag; Target boots, old (similar); Old Navy coated denim jeans; ℅ Avery Lane poncho, old (similar.)

I love October. The crisp weather, the need to bundle up in cuddly fabrics and drink hot apple cider on a gray and dreary day, the smell of freshly fallen leaves, being able to go outside jacket less, but still have to need something heavier than a long sleeve tee shirt. It's the glory time of year, is it not? After ten years without a traditional Fall, I'm thrilled to be able to experience it again, (And also, I can buy more sweaters now! And capes, coats, dresses, and anything else in a knit or cozy fabric. Swoon.)

Right now, as I spend my days shuttling children to and from school, volunteering in classrooms, and all that special mom stuff that comes with this time period in my life, I want comfort and simplicity. Which in MY book, means black on black, and knits on top of knits. (I refuse to wear a jacket full time yet. REFUSE.) 

I love how this Lulu*s knit sweater dress can be styled and worn different ways.  It's light enough for layering, yet still looks substantial enough to wear on its own. Plus, the cowl knock is sort of a built in scarf, that's a WIN in my book. Warmth AND style. 

Here are three ways you can style this knit dress for the Fall:

-Layer it with a knit cape on top in lieu of a jacket, as seen above. I like doing this rather than wearing a coat, because I know we have about six months of mandatory coat time coming up, and I'm holding off while I can!

-Change out the black pants for a colored tight (I would do purple!), and cute ankle boots. OR! Try a pair of fun, lacy black tights for some added texture and fun. 

-Pull on a pair of liquid leggings underneath and switch out the boots for strappy heels, for a cute (and warm!) date night look. 

Tell me, how do you like to wear knits in the Fall? (I'm looking forward to layering cozy sweaters over maxi dresses, or over mini skirts and fleece tights, with boots!)

This post is sponsored by Lulu*s! Thanks so much for supporting those that support this blog. 

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