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Bathing suit top and bottom
Hey friends! The kids and I are heading on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I'm going to take the time off of here as well. I want to really take the time to unplug and hang with my family back home, which means squeezing my nieces and nephew till they squeal, hanging with my college friends and all of our kids, and eating a bit too many plates of fried clams. Yum! 

I will be back in September with some really awesome collaborations to show you, from the best pair of leopard boots from Ted and Muffy, to the prettiest Fall dress from Gentle Fawn, and some new hair extensions from Irresistible Me. Fun!

I WILL be posting updates via Instagram (obviously;), so feel free to follow along there. I can promise you things could get interesting, ha!

See you soon;)

Are the days of blog comments over?


Old Navy tee and jeans; Nordstom reversible tote; Nike Internationalist sneakers; Rayban Wayfarer sunnies; Baublebar Constellation pendant and bracelet.

I've been noticing a trend with blog comments lately, and that is that they are turning non existent. I'm not sure if it is because it's summer and everyone is busy, but all across the board on most of the blogs I read they seem to be waning. I've read a couple of articles lately about this, about how blogging is dead and comments are dead and I sort of agree. You see, I used to comment a lot on a ton of different blogs. It took a lot of time and often enough it was simply a business move. If you comment on them they comment back and it is a circular type of thing. I'd get a lot of comments that you could tell were done for commenting sake (which is fine), but weren't that in depth or meaningful. It was something that everyone did though, and it became a way to meet new people and interact. 

While my blog comments have gone downhill pretty drastically over the past couple of months, my page views have stayed pretty consistent. This shows that while folks aren't engaging through comments, they ARE still reading. Which obviously makes me happy;) BUT, it make me think that blogging has changed in a big way since I began about four years ago. The days of multiple sponsorships and tons of comments seem to be over, with Instagram taking over as the new blogging platform. I think Instagram is popular because it has the same visual appeal as a blog, yet it can be digested in smaller bits. Reading a blog and taking the time to comment is more than a lot of people are willing to do nowadays (myself included), and it is showing in comments and other forms of engagement. 

While I'm not commenting much on any platform much right now, I AM reading and enjoying my favorite blogs as much as I ever was. I truly enjoy keeping up with what my fellow bloggers are doing and can't imaging not reading on a daily basis. I comment when I can, when I am feeling a need to say something because I want to and not because I have to. I hope when people comment here it is for the same reason. I love writing posts that drive people to interact and think, yet I know that some posts are just more visual and don't require an answer back, and that is OKAY.

Tell me, how do you comment on blogs these days? 

What it feels like to turn 35


Target dress; Forever 21 kimono; Sam Edelman booties; Baublebar fringe necklace and bangles.

Today is my 35th birthday and I have to admit it has thrown me for a loop the past past month or so! It's the first birthday I've had that I've been a little anxious about, if I'm being truly honest here. You see, I've always been happy to get a little older each year. It's felt necessary and has always made me feel more secure in myself to be an adult and to have my age match where my mind has been. I've always felt a little older in my head, sort of the adult mindset in a child's body growing up. I tend to read younger than I am, which I HATED when I was younger, but now love. Ha! Looking like you are fourteen when you are eighteen is never what you want at that age. So as I've turned older I have enjoyed having my age match where I felt I was mentally, you know?

Now all of a sudden the years are flying by faster than I can acknowledge them. My twenties were a (very happy and fun) blur, and sped by in a way that I can barely remember now each year where (and WHO) I was. Then I turned thirty and I loved it! I have never felt as secure in my own skin OR as happy as I have been since turning thirty, so then why does turning 35 scare me so? I think it is the number that scares me, it sounds older to me and more mature I guess. In my mind a 35 year old woman is an adult, who has it all together and is a REAL grown up person. I feel like my mom was 35 about ten minutes ago, and now here I am, in charge of two little ones and now I'm the one who's boss. It's weird! 

I will say this: My thirties have been amazing, my favorite decade so far. I have never been happier because where I am right now is where I want to be. There isn't anything I need or want that I don't already have. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because of how content and happy I am in this moment of my life. While the actual number of my age scares me a little bit, I think it's the speed of time that is passing by that gets me the most. I want to soak in and capture my life right now and press pause, because it is wonderful and amazing. Having my two kids with me daily, at ages six and seven, is the best. I've been married almost eleven years this Fall and that is getting better and better as we grow and change, and my hope for each year of my life as I get older is that it continues in this way. Maybe I don't have to be scared as much if I focus less on the number and more on my happiness. 

Thirty five is going to be good, I can tell already.

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This boy


This boy. Sigh. He has my whole heart.

This age right now, this very minute, is the best age for a little boy. Five going on six, with the sweetest personality on earth. He still needs hugs and kisses from his mama, and lots of cuddles and love. He rests his head on my shoulder and sighs when I tuck him in at night. He rubs my back when he knows it is sore, and covers my legs with a blanket to make sure I am warm. He calls his sister, "Issy", which is short for Sissy (and short for sister.) He says, "pizzghetti and meatballs", and messes up about a thousand other words, (which I find adorable.) He finds all the dinosaur books at the library and checks them out each week. (He calls himself a dinosaur expert.) He combs his hair after a shower so he can look "spiky and smooth," and runs buck naked down the hallway shaking his bum at us. Bathroom words make him giggle.

You know, I was sad once, for about 24 hours when I found out I was having a boy. I was scared of the unknown and thought, mistakenly, that I could only mother girls.

I was wrong.

This boy, he has stolen my heart and given me love that cannot come from anyone else but him. His brown eyes and heart shaped face are everything good in this world, and my hope for him is that he always stays as loving and nurturing and affectionate as he is now.

This boy has been MY BOY for exactly six years now, and I could not imagine a world without him in it. I hope he knows how adored he is, and how so thankful I am that he is everything I never knew I needed (and more.)

Happy birthday TODAY to my youngest angel baby, Brady Alexander. Mama loves you to the moon.

Instagram Outfit Roundup


Nordstrom tunic; Blank NYC faux leather pants (option); Steve Madden heels (exact, option); Rebecca Minkoff bag.

I stalked this tunic top during the Nordstrom sale religiously, checking in daily to see if my size was back in stock. I saw it worn a couple of times on a couple of blog ladies I admired (Steph and Brie!), and KNEW I had to have it! Sadly it never did come in my size during the sale, but the second day after it all ended it came back in and I purchased two at full price, this olive one above and also in white. I am so glad I did! It is the perfect length, has a great lightweight feel, and I think it will work equally well in my new work life this winter, as well as my regular casual mama life;)  Now I need a black one…

On to the shoes! I fell in lust with these after seeing them online (ha, surprise!), and worked like mad to get them on sale. I eventually DID find them for less back in June and have been waiting to be able to wear them. This past weekend I got to go on a fancy dinner date with my love and knew I had to wear these heels. They are so fun! Now don't get me wrong, these are strictly walk and sit shoes because they are really high, but for a night out of eating and minimal walking I thinck they are fairly comfortable. I adore the fringe and love that they funk up my look a little, you know? There is another version that came out during the Nordstrom sale that have less fringe and may be easier to pull off (the red version rocks my world, by the way,) but these ones are my fave.

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Target dress; Old Navy jeans, not shown; Nordstrom reversible tote (exact, option.)

I saw this dress out of the corner of my eye at Target last week while I was popping in quick for sunblock. It is a dead ringer for my much more expensive Free People tunic that I adore and wear all the time. It has the same ruffly flounce and lace insets, except it is a little longer and is marketed as a dress. I wore it with ripped black denim and sandals, but would love to wear it on its own with killer heels and a fun clutch for a night out. 

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Target tank (option, option); Old Navy jeans; Birkenstock sandals; Nordstrom reversible tote.

I wore this last week during a slightly horrifying dentist visit with my daughter when she got three baby teeth pulled. She has recovered just fine and I may remember her crying till the end of my days, BUT, I was comfortable in this while holding her down…so, winning?! You KNOW I'm obsessed with my band tee's lately, and pairing them simply with my birk's and a denim jacket tied around my waist is my go to look lately.  I also carry this reversible tote NON-STOP right now. It is lightweight, feels just like real leather, and I can fit tons of stuff in it when I'm running around with the kids. It is worth every penny. 

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