Life Lately


Lularoe kimono (buy here); Free People tee; Sam Edelman boots; Old Navy jeans; necklace via Rocksbox (similar Baublebar style.)

-I'm currently on week 10 of Kayla Itsine's Beachbody guide and I am still loving it! I am going to do a full before/after post when I finish Week 12, but I have been so pleased. It's nice to see some definition in this stomach of mine (I did a quick photo update on Insta last week!) 

-I also plan on posting about my current eating situation, which include counting my macros. I've been watching my macros (IIFYM diet guidelines) since late Spring and it is pretty great. Once you get over the initial keeping track of your protein, carbs and fat (and the learning curve associated with that), it's actually really easy to follow.

-Besides running my shampoo business, I work as a substitute teacher at my kids' school. This means I can work 0 days, 2 days, or a bunch in a row depending on need. On the days I work 5 days it has been a bit of a struggle to balance my kids, their school and activities, with working out and getting stuff done at home. I've been really good at working out on alternative days, or going to the gym while my husband brings the kids to soccer, and finding stolen moments to get other things done. It is hard, though! I am not the best mom (in my opinion) when I work full time, but I try my best to keep organized and fit in all the things I need to. The bonus in all this? I choose what days I work, so a crazy week one week can translate into an easier one next. 

-I recently made these Butternut Squash and Black bean Enchilada's for dinner and they were so good! 

-I am currently not shopping this month and it has been a struggle,  but I feel like I buy a lot of things on impulse that, on second or third thought, I didn't really care about. I've stopped myself from buying about 10 things so far and I don't regret a single one.

-I've been slacking off on blogging regularly around here, but I'm still hanging in there! I am a much more regular poster on Facebook (for real time outfits and shopping tips on the regular) and Instagram, if you care to follow along there as well;) I DO plan on continuing to post here, as I have a bunch of essay type posts rolling around in my brain, so thank you so much for sticking around and checking back in.

-I basically gave up on Snapchat. I can only put my creative energy into two social media spots right now, and Facebook and Instagram win. I just can't tape my life 24/7 and still be a present person with my family, so there's that! I DO enjoy watching everyone else live their lives, though. Ha! I will say, I am more attached to Instagram stories, I think it is just easier to check in there as I scroll through? 

That's it for me lately! What's new with YOU?

How to find your style in 3 easy steps


Free People sweater (currently 25% off!) and lace tunic (also 25% off!); Old Navy built in sculpt jeans; Sam Edelman booties; Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Free People open back sweater (similar colors, under $30) and lace tunic (25% off!); Old Navy jeans; Matisse fringe booties; Rebecca Minkoff bag; necklace from Rocksbox (use code MEAGANBFF57 for a free month of Rocksbox. Hint: I'm obsessed!)

I've been learning a lot lately about my own personal style and what I want to be wearing on a dialy basis. I've been cleaning out my closet and seeing what is left (and what I really wear), and it has been eye opening. It turns out, I am a pretty basic gal. I like simple silhouettes and all neutral looks. I also really like a formula. I'm 36 and I'm figuring it all out again, which is actually really fun. My style has been changing, it is simpler and less flashy, and I'm happier than I've ever been with what I have and how I'm portraying myself. I wanted to write a bit about how I've figured my style out lately, and hope it helps anyone that has struggled (like me) to find who and what they are and how to get dressed in the easiest way possible. Let's do this!

1) Look to your Pinterest boards.

Back in the day I would cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage of outfits and pieces I liked each season. Now I do this exclusively on Pinterest (you can follow me here to see what I love!) Here's the deal: If you pin a lot (like me), you will start to see patterns. I noticed that I pin a lot of slouchy cardigans, ripped jeans, and ankle boots. I tend to like neutral outfits and very minimal looks. My preferences change by season, obviously, but the minute I looked through my boards and analyzed WHAT I was pinning, I saw the same themes. What are some patterns you see in the outfits you pin? Is there a common theme? 

2) Don't be afraid to wear what you like over and over again.

As a style blogger there can be a lot of pressure to wear the newest and latest all the time. You find yourself purchasing things just because it is popular, or wearing things you may not really love because you need to post different looks on a daily basis. Since I took a small step back from blogging this summer and really just wore what I felt like without the pressure of having to photograph it, I found that I really like a very basic look. The two outfits above are ME. I wore them out to dinner with my family on two separate weekends, and they make me feel very comfortable. I like sweaters in black, grey, white, and pink. I like dark colored skinny jeans. I like neutral ankle boots. And I like pretty accessories. That's my formula. When I've been shopping lately, either online or in stores, I keep this in mind. The pieces I wear all the time are all neutral and can be mixed and matched. While my head may be turned by a bright blue body con dress or burgundy heels, I know that I just won't reach for these things. What are the pieces in your closet that you love? Why do you love them? 

I find that I really enjoy slouchy/oversized sweaters in basic colors. I invest in these and they are my go to tops that look great with skinny jeans. It's my thing, so I go with it. Am I making news with super trendy/blog worthy looks? No. But I'm building a closet that works in my real, everyday life. 

3) Invest in quality pieces that ground your look. 

I've struggled on and off with wanting multiple things for cheap (that I wear a couple of times and give away), or investing in items that I can get less of, but wear more. It's hard! I'm a shopper. I truly enjoy wandering in stores and seeing what is new. I love getting things for cheap and having 10 new things for little money. Yet this rarely works out for me. While there are many things I buy for cheap and never regret (Target boots and sandals, Old Navy skinny jeans, most of my jewelry), most of the items I truly cherish and wear to death are items I invested in. Case in point, my Sam Edelman ankle boots. While you can find these at any price point nowadays, these particular boots are so worth the splurge. They work with everything (especially the tan ones), and they are so seriously flattering. I've had both my black and tan pair for 2-3 years and they show little wear and tear. 

Another thing I love to invest in is a good handbag. It just elevates any look. I tend to get these as a gift for my birthday or Christmas, and I love being able to search for the perfect one to fit into my life. I suggest going simple with a black or tan one before branching out to other colors. You will never regret it. 

Lastly, this time of year I love investing in pretty sweaters from Free People. I search deals at Nordstrom and Macy's online daily, and the second pieces go on sale I stock up. I love how these sweaters fit me, I have yet to find a cheaper place that gives me the exact same look for less. Quality, fit and proportion is really important when it comes to finding THE PERFECT piece to invest in, and Free People always works for me. I get the exact look I'm looking for, and I can wear and re-wear it for seasons to come. While the term investment piece changes (my version of investing is a lot different than it was when I was 25), it really just means buying the best possible version of something you love, so you cna wear it for years to come. 

Tell me, how have you defined your personal style? Do you have any tips or tricks that have worked for you?

92% coffee, 8% dry shampoo


The title of this post make me laugh! I saw it on Pinterest and had to use it. I think everyone that knows me KNOWS that I adore coffee. One hot cup in the morning, and a big iced one after I get home from the gym. I like to mix a cup of almond milk and a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder in my iced coffee, it feels like a decadent little treat;)

Moving on!

I've mentioned this in several posts before, but besides my little side gig here and my sub job at my kids' school, I also work for an amazing hair care company called Monat. To say this company has changed me for the better is an understatement. I NEVER thought I would 'sell shampoo on the internet', despite doing essentially the same thing here on my blog and on my Instagram for years with affiliate sales. I mean, it all makes sense, no? If you love something you want to share it, essentially if it is something that you know will bring hope to those around you.

You may think I'm exagerating when I link HOPE with HAIR CARE, but if you are like me and struggled with hair loss and brittleness, and the hopelessness of feeling like you are the only one in the universe with "bad" hair, it's not a stretch. Most of us have had or continue to have a horrible relationship with our hair, and we try product after product to fix it. Yet NOTHING HELPS IT. I was there, and I thought it was just the way it was supposed to be. Until Monat. The first time I tried it I was hooked. I had shine and smoothness and it styled in 2 seconds flat. I knew it was a game changer. I have not used one single non-Monat product in almost a year on my hair, and I've never looked back. 

I signed up to sell it, mostly because I figured, "why not", and not long after that I found that I could make serious money sharing it. And the money is awesome, don't get me wrong, but having hair that I can be proud of is just as amazing. I have new hair growth everywhere (Monat is clinically proven to regrow hair, perfect of those of us with Postpartum hair loss!), and it is longer and stronger.  I also love that I get texts and messages all the time about how Monat has changed the lives of those who have purchased it from me. Women who can now go 2-3 days without showering instead of 1, men who have regrown hair they thought was gone forever, mama's like me who can use it on our entire family because it is botanically based and without chemicals, and busy working ladies who can use less product and less time to make their hair look amazing each and every day. The list goes on.

I want to share Monat with you! Please comment below with your biggest hair struggle and I will send you out some free samples to try. Monat changed my life for the better and I'd love to give you a chance to experience the HOPE I've personally seen in my own life when it comes to my hair (and my bank account!) 

P.S There is currently a TWO day sale on our just launched dry shampoo! I am so excited for this product and for the freedom it is going to give YOU when it comes to stretching your shampoo days. I can get you 15% off and free shipping off of all orders from today on out;)

Target bell sleeve lace dress


Target lace dress and shoes (old, similar.)

As it often happens when I find myself in Target, I see something that catches my eye from afar and I make a beeline for it (I guess this is why the clothing is right by the door? Well played, Target, well played.) This dress, with its lace, bell sleeves and breezy style, called to me. I knew it would be a perfect late Summer into early Fall look, and can be worn with ankle boots for day or peep toe booties for night.  

I've since worn it twice, once on a little day date with my husband while our kids were in school, and another time just because (and a grocery store visit!) It feels easy to throw on, but looks dressy and pulled together, something I love. Between this lace one and the floral midi dress I posted on Instagram, I'm loving Target's dress selection right now. 

The best sneakers I ever bought


Free People sweater and lace tunic; Nike Zoom Pegasus sneakers (wearing a 1/2 size larger than my regular shoe size!)

Ugh, can we discuss how hard it is to find workout sneakers that not only look cute, but feel great WHILE working out as well? I work out about 3-4 times a week (currently on week 5 of Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide, full post to come soon!), and I often run errands before/after going to the gym, so I want to look good-ish. Ha.) I saw these sneakers on Instagram on a bunch of bloggers and loved the grey and black look of these, so I took a chance and bought them. 

I. Am. In. Love.

Here's the deal on them: The look good with all workout clothes as they are pretty tonal (I tend to wear all black while working out, so it works!), and they are very lightweight and breathable My only complaint would be that, because they are a running shoe, they aren't the best for cross training moves like lateral jumps, or any explosive moves. I ideally would like a shoe just for cross training, but that is not in the cards right now. I will say, these are really lightweight and comfortable right out of the box, and I think they look equally as great with athleisure looks. In the photos above I had worn that outfit grocery shopping, then we decided to go on a hike with the kids, so it worked for both activities. 

I'll admit, I have never been a sneaker person outside of working out, but when we are being active on the weekends, I love having a sneaker wardrobe that looks and feels great. I'm slowly getting converted! (My close friends would be proud of me;)

A few other sneakers that are catching my eye...

I have these Adidas Stan Smith's, and I adore them. They look great with leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, as well as cute dresses.

The monochromatic look of these Nike Juvenate sneakers is perfection. I like the grey, white, or black. (And the olive, ha!)

Pink sneakers, enough said. Love!