Sharing the things I've majorly messed up on lately


Old Navy sweater and bag, (similar); Target shoes and skirt, old (similar.)

I find myself lately laying in bed at night and watching Oprah's Lifeclass. Have you seen it? I think we all know that Oprah is a genius, and I have yet to walk away from watching a show she does and not having something to think about. Beyond Conscious Parenting (which I'm mulling over how to blog about THAT!), the concept I truly love is this:

It takes courage to say I BLEW IT.

I think we all like to present an image to the world that we've got this. We want to be AWESOME parents and spouse's, amazing friends, the BEST child to our parents, THE most fit and health conscious, and the best home decorator's and housekeepers. We want the image we present on Instagram of pure perfection. A styled bouquet of flowers and a perfect outfit. Perfectly styled children and always happy lives. 

I don't live this way. I fail myself and others, A LOT, and sometimes I find myself hiding this fact. I don't want to come across as hopeless, so I present the good stuff and sweep the bad under the rug. A well edited blog photo and a couple of simple paragraphs don't show the real deal behind it all. The person who messes up constantly, but hopefully can admit (and laugh about it!) later.

Here's where I BLEW IT this past month:

1) I caved on my month long shopping hiatus after three weeks. The dress from yesterday's post did it for me. I couldn't help myself, but REALLY, I didn't have the willpower to say no. Not shopping for me is not always about the money I save, but in having the willpower to wait and not buy things for a specified amount of time, and I didn't do that.

2) My son was driving me crazy the past week by being really mean to his sister and always coming up with rude things to do and say to her that would make her mad. After listening to this for days (YEARS), I told him to "shut his mouth", and to "stop saying stupid things." This is NOT the type of thing I want to say to my children, and I need an alternative plan that will make me not do it again. 

3) I'm working on my food intake via Fitness Pal and eating smaller portions. I'm not into a huge weight loss mode or anything, but I go a little nutty with the desserts and wine and all the pasta in the world. I keep saying I will do better, but I don't. I consistently eat more than I should and end up feeling a little sick after. I eat like a greedy person, always wanting MORE, and I want to do better and have more willpower there.

4) Back to my kids, I feel like I undermine them a lot by expecting them to be versions of themselves that I WANT, rather than accept them for who they are. My daughter is starting to share that she "doesn't like herself," sometimes and "hates being six because she always messes up." I'm afraid this is my fault and I feel like all the problems in her life are because of me and my parenting failures.

These are only some of the things that keep me up at night and make me feel like a failure sometimes. I know in the grand scheme of things these are small and not that big of a deal, but sometimes it seems more courageous to admit to what I've messed up on, because why not shed a little light on who we REALLY are? I'm a real, (mostly) normal person, who struggles with life.

I do know this for sure…I'm working daily on bettering myself by creating a space here for REAL talk, and being the best wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend I can be TODAY. And isn't that all any of us can do?

Tell me, what have you COMPLETELY MESSED UP on in life lately? Care to share?

Fall trends with Lulu*s: Wearing brights (when all you want to wear is BLACK!)


℅ Lulu*s dress (similar in white, similar with straps, similar in a maxi style); Target hat, sweater (similar), and boots (similar.)

Let's be real here for a second.

I'm not a super fancy person. I live a life that involves a lot of errands, and have two kids who do school, and soccer, and playgroup (and all the other things kids like to be involved in!)  I also don't have a reliable babysitter for date nights, and I'm in yoga pants at home, A LOT. I don't feel that comfortable in a traditionally dressed up look anymore, either. I like to feel a bit 'off' nowadays, not always the expected look, but a little different I guess? 

Working with Lulu*s this month, I wanted to highlight a trend of wearing brights for Fall, but doing it MY way. I loved the hot pink of this minidress, (it's SUCH an unexpected Fall color!), and I instantly knew I could style it two ways. Since I'm traditionally always cold, a cardigan over a strapless dress in key. As is a knit hat, in a contrasting color for a bit of fun. Getting dressed should be fun, right? With a pair of buckled ankle boots I can wear this dress out for dinner with my family, or to Target to pick up a birthday present, as I did the other day. Ha! 

For a night out, I would switch the boots out for heels, and grab a gold sequin clutch. I would probably still wear the hat and cardigan, too, because it's a bit quirky, and I like that! Getting dressed doesn't have to be all proper now, especially for me with no dress code for my daily life. I stay at home with my kids and run our house, so I can wake up each day and decide who I want to be. Today I wanted to be a mama who wears a hot pink mini dress to school drop off, and I love that;)

Tell me, how would you style this dress?

P.S. See how my fellow mama of two, Megan from Chasing Davies, styled her Fall BRIGHT look here!

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Let's call this look, Lumberjack Chic.


Old Navy dress and waxed denim jeans; Target bag, old (option); Sam Edelman boots.

When I was a little girl, living in rural New Hampshire, my dad and the men around me always had a jacket in red and black plaid. Quilted, most likely bought at Walmart, it was a working man's print and style. My dad probably STILL has a jacket like this (DO YOU, Dad?) If it could have been bought at LL Bean or worn hunting, fishing, or camping, my family wore it. 

Up until a couple of years ago I never would have worn a buffalo plaid anything. It didn't feel chic or fun or ME. Buffalo plaid to me is what my dad wears on his flannel shirts 24/7. Until now. All of a sudden this print looks new, and SO FALL. Sydney wore a Buffalo print jacket last year on her blog and it looked so good on her I knew I had to partake in this trend. Which brings me to ask, can Buffalo Plaid even be called a trend? Sometimes I think what is IN or COOL is all about perspective. You never notice something that is right in front of your face until you are meant to. It takes a fresh take on an old look, a new shape or way of wearing it, and then BOOM, it seems good enough to try.

Which is why I fell for this dress at Old Navy last week. It's soft as all get out, perfect over skinny jeans, (and under a moto jacket!), and just the right way to incorporate this pattern into my life.

Tell me, do you love the plaid trend this Fall? 

P.S. Shanna and Rebecca also rocked this dress, too! Go on over and say hello;)

watch/wear/read (and a question for YOU!)


Original post HERE


If we've met, chances are you know my favorite book (series) of all time is Outlander. A great friend introduced me to it about ten years ago and I have never looked back! They made it into a tv show this Fall, and watching it come to life each week on Starz has been amazing. Here is a preview of the mid season finale that debuts this coming weekend. And did you see the wedding episode? I'm still all hot and bothered over it;)


Last year the blanket scarf was THE item to have, and for some reason I avoided this? Now I'm obsessed, and need them all. Zara does them best (in my humble, online browser obsessed opinion!) They have a great Pendelton style one, and this plaid version. Both are AWESOME. Which one would you get?

Is it just me, or is Forever 21 killing it lately? Right now I'm obsessing over big, chunky cardigan sweaters, which are so great for layering. This oversized striped one is great, as is this fringed tassel cardigan. are AWESOME.

Ankle boots are my JAM, I swear you can never have enough! Target is my go to spot for these, as well as everything else. I've been drooling over these fringe ones (LOVE fringe!), and taller, lug sole versions on my last couple of trips, where I walk my cart by reaaaaaaaaaal slow by the shoe aisle. Twice.


I am sort of a crunchy/granola type of gal when it comes to some things (did you know that?) In the past year or so I have been obsessed with natural remedies when it comes to health, and find it works! Bridget from Tales of Me and The Husband always writes the best posts on this subject, I love her Winter Survival Guides! I swear by Elderberry syrup (recommended by her), and can't wait to make my own this winter. 

My friend Jennifer from Mommy Life After PH.d has the funniest writing voice! I love her post about what's driving her nuts right now…I can relate COMPLETELY to the last one. Stubborn mama always wins;)

I'm sort of having a hair crisis right now. Like, I'm pinning 'lobs' like crazy and want to call my hairdresser STAT and get my hair chopped off. Which is always a mistake for me, but HEY, it grows back, right? Can you look at my Hair Inspiration board and tell me if I'm crazy? I might just do it!

And in case you missed it…

My favorite way to dress up (hint, over the knee boots are involved;)

Happy weekend to YOU, friends! Tell me, should I cut my hair, or leave it?

Trend Spin Link up: Let's get DRESSED UP!


 ℅ Lulu*s dress and boots; Just Dawnelle headband (similar style.)

I am so thrilled to be co hosting Laura's FAMOUS trend spin link up this week! The theme is "dressed up", which is something I really don't get to do that much. I've got two little kids, minimal babysitting services, and going out tends to involve two little people at all times;)

That begin said, I DO dress up more than the average bear for these dates. I like to take every opportunity I can to wear a pretty dress, or heels, or a floral headband. Dressing up for me often means making something more casual, say pairing tougher boots with a frilly dress, or adding crazy heels with basic denim. I love this dress above because it has that boho vibe that YOU KNOW I love, yet can be 'edged up' with black, I would most definitely wear this with black tights and ankle boots in colder weather, and top it off with fur vest. I'd also swap out the headband for a sassy little floppy hat (which I've bought two of recently…help!)

Tell me, do you get to dress up often? What is your GO TO fancy look?

Click below to add your 'dressed up' link!

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