10 things that are making me happy, RIGHT NOW


Forever 21 faux fur coat; Target cardigan (underneath), option; Free people slip dress; Hunter boots.

I'm going to take a hint from Naomi over at Love Taza and be more positive today! It is really the most depressing time of year for me, being stuck inside and really wishing for the weather to warm up and spring to appear. I'd like to think I am a fairly positive person on most days, so instead of focusing on all the snow and ice and frigid air going on, and how my kids are quite possibly driving me CRAZY (insert clenched teeth emoji face…), here are TEN things that make me happy:

1) My Kindle Fire. I have been on the hugest binge reading journey this season, often reading about a book a day since early December. I typically enjoy romance novels (don't hate…), but also dig self help and fun biographies. I am a #booknerd, and proud of it.

On that note, Amazon now gives me so many…interesting suggestions based on me buying (and thoroughly enjoying!), the Crossfire Series by Silvia Day. Ha.

2) My new tattoo! I need more now. 

3) Sitting in my living room and reading at night, with only the fireplace (and TV, obviously) for light. 

See also, fleece pants, 24/7.

4) I've recently upped my workout game and I LOVE feeling strong again! I've been working on running better, and doing many (many) jump squats and burpees. It is really exhilarating to see how far you can push yourself and reach goals that you've set. 

5) All the Spring shopping I've done the past two weeks, as well as the two faux fur coats (pink and blue…see above!) that I got on sale from Forever 21. Score.

6) Allllllll the jewelry at American Eagle Outfitter's that is so up my boho alley right now. I. Want. Everything.

7) Listening to the the Mumford and Sons Pandora station on our new Bose portable speaker. That thing rocks my music loving world and keeps me from wanting to shave my hair off and move to Tahiti. (See: cabin fever.)

8) Switching from my typical black/navy/dark red winter nail polish color to my white/pale pink/nude spring palette. I may be bundled up to my eyes in knits, but my hands say 'take me to the beach and hand me  a Corona.' No, really.

9) This Free People swing dress from Zappos (again, see above!) I now want the black. And the mint. Orrrrrrrr all of them, really.

10) Learning that my air dried hair (using Sebastian Potion #9 and some last minute flat ironing of the frizzy ends…) looks exactly like my blow-dried/flat ironed/beach wave curling iron hair. This is total #winning in my book, except it took me WAY too long to figure this out, so #sadface.

Tell me, what is making you happy, right now?

4 ways to style your Spring stuff RIGHT NOW (inspired by the 4 modes of the HP x 360!)


Hello, friends! I am so happy to team up with HP x360 and their partnership with Meghan Trainor today (I run on the treadmill to ALL her songs, love her!), and show you four ways to style your Spring clothes. We are still in the thick of winter here, with lots of snow on the ground and below freezing temps….YET, I have been buying tons of pretty spring styles that I want to wear RIGHT NOW.  While I still can't wear my sandals, I've found that with a few little tweaks and some creative layering, I CAN wear my spring/summer styles now, and them style them later in a different way once the snow melts (soon, PLEASE…!)

Here are 4 ways to style your pretty spring things, right now:

-I have a love affair with kimonos, and instead of putting them away in the colder months, I love to layer them over long sleeve tees and dresses. I also adore the idea of an all black turtleneck with a flow-y kimono over it, and a wide brim hat. 

-Floral maxi dresses are another fave of mine, but they aren't warm enough on their own right now. I layer mine over fleece tights, studded boots, and throw on a fur vest to make it seem less "summery." Also, my faux fur leopard coat keeps me warm when I am not outside taking style photos in the snow;)

-I don't know why this look me so long, but wearing my cut off shorts over tights has been a fun game changer for me. I've also warm my summer weight rompers over fleece tights or leggings, and topped it all off with a chunky sweater or cardigan. #winning

-I have bought a couple of REALLY CUTE maxi skirts that I can't wait to wear with gladiator sandals and a knotted tank, but until then I find I can wear a pair of leggings and ankle boots underneath, with a  slouchy sweater on top. Fleece tights are my best friend when it comes to wearing skirts and dresses this time of year, and feel really yummy on!

Something else I have been having a blast using in four different modes lately, is my new HP x360 laptop. I use the phrase "laptop" loosely,  though, because it is so much more! It has a  notebook mode (great for blogging and email), stand mode (awesome for cooking videos and YouTube tutorials), tent mode (I use this as my virtual style collage inspiration!), and a tablet mode (my kids play educational games this way and adore it…as do I during MANY snow days;) Below are some ways I use my HP x360...

I used to put together ACTUAL style collages that I would tape up in my closet, but now I can use the HP x360 in tent mode and set it up right on my bed and browse my Pinterest Style Inspiration board while I'm getting dressed in the morning. I feel all 'Back to the Future' now….

I'm not a huge tech user with my kids, but we do have a couple of educational websites I love that can entertain my kids for awhile during these cold winter days. I adore the tablet mode for this, especially because it has a touch screen that my kids have seemed to master in their short little lives. (And isn't that little five year old boy the cutest thing you've ever seen?)

And finally, the notebook mode of the HP x360. (Stand mode not shown, but still loved…;) This is my life above, working on blog posts and other business, while I eat lunch at my desk. I also love going to coffee shops around town, too, and having something that is portable and can be used in a lot of different ways helps me a TON. 

P.S. HP is going on tour with Megan Trainor, and will have TONS of behind the scene action for us to see (!), you can follow her That Bass Tour HERE!

Tell me, are you wearing your spring things now, or is it still an arctic tundra where you are? Ha!

*This is a sponsored post, thank you so much for supporting HP x360 and this blog!

What my mama has taught me


Photos are from an earlier post;)
Cambridge Satchel bag; Rayban sunglasses; Lemons and Lace headband.

Today is my mama's birthday (Happy biiiiiiirthday, mom!), and it got me thinking about all the amazing things she has taught me over the years, and how she has shaped my personality. Sometimes we tend to be like oil and water, we often rub each other's fur the wrong way and sometimes bicker like an old married couple, but she is also the person I laugh uncontrollably with, and she just GETS ME, you know? She's my person, someone who I never have to pretend with, or hide anything from. I can be my essential self when I am with her (which means I'm not always the nicest…), and she always sticks by me. Time may pass where we don't get along all that well, or distance may keep us from physically seeing each other as often as I like, but one thing I know for sure: she will always be my mama, and now that I have kids of my own I can see how much she loves me and how much she will always love me. A mama's love is like nothing else, and I truly get it now more than ever. 

Here are five things my mother has taught me, and how they have made me a better person:

1) Be independent.

When I think of my mom, I think of independence and competence. She is no wilting flower, let me tell you. I have seen her do a million things on her own, and she never complains. We would do awesome camping trips as a kid, just my brother and her and I, and they were amazing. I look back and wonder how she did it all, honestly. She seems, in my memories, to always have been able to do anything. There is never an excuse of too tired, too old, too young, or too sick. She's a 'suck it up, buttercup' kind of lady, and now I am the same way.

2) Going after your dreams.

When I was in middle school my mom went to nursing school and we both ended up graduating together my eighth grade year. I watched her study her butt off while holding down different jobs and parenting two kids. I've seen her run a restaurant, bar tend, drive a food truck, basically anything that would bring money in and pay the bills. She has lived in mobile homes, a camper in my grandparent's back yard, and massive beach homes. She has had nothing, and enough, and has worked every second for it all. She is so goal oriented and isn't afraid to work hard to do it, no matter how difficult it may be. She was, and is, a hard worker at her core, and has always showed me that no matter how hard life may get, we can never give up.

3) No whining.

My mother is not a whiner. She's a nurse, so that means when I was growing up I couldn't really be that sick, ever, because she could tell if I was bluffing. Basically, I would have to be bleeding out of the eyes to stay home. (I hated that, trust me!) She pushes through everything, all pain and suffering, and never stays down for long. Sometimes she SHOULD rest and relax a bit, but she doesn't. She has taught me to keep going, keep your head up, and don't let small things get you down.

4) Reading.

Always growing up my mom was reading. No matter how hard she was working or what was going on, our life was filled with books and time to read. We began sharing books early on, and I think a lot of my reading habits, and my absolute love of reading, comes from her. She also has a great introspective sense of self, which translated into my love of learning about MYself, and reading books that teach me to be better. She and I are similar should when it comes to this, and I love that.

5) How to laugh.

When my mama and I are together, we can be pure crazy. We can laugh at the stupidest things, have crying fits over funny books or songs, and often have the best time together. I think when it comes to her and I, we can be passionately SO different from one another, but also so very much the same. I can be my essential and full self around her, and she loves me just the same. We take each other in with all the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can be my goofiest self around her, and she with me, and it always makes me smile.

Tell me, what has your mother taught YOU? 

Remind me to stay out of Target


It's been beyond cold here for the past week or so (how COLD is it…;), that my camera often will not function in any way, so I've been unexpectedly off the hook for style photos. Except for this one day, where my mama was in town and decided to brace the weather after all! Note: did you know that when it's really cold your earrings freeze inside your ear holes? And metal rings actually burn your fingers? That hurts. 

Since I've been sitting at home more (and sometime venturing out into the mall…), I have been doing some extensive online shopping and have managed to visit Target about three times this week. And you guys? All their spring stuff is out. Which is beyond cruel, but whatever.

I was staying out of Target for awhile to curb my shopping over the holidays and such, but I'm back. Oops.

 I've since managed to buy…

These fringe boots. They are so similar to a pair of Sam Edelman's that I have been eyeing, but for much less. #targetdoesitagain 

The dress you see above, and its black counterpart. I have been styling both of them now over tights and skinny jeans with cardis, but I can't wait to layer them with sandals and kimonos in the warmer months.

Target always has the best maxi skirts, I buy a couple of them each year. The day I got my tattoo I wore this graphic printed one

A week or so ago my blog friend Shanna posted a pic of these tasseled gladiator sandals in her Instagram feed and I knew I needed them. (Thanks Shanna, for making me broke!) She also has these espadrilles, which I may need, too. 

Also, hats! A girl can never have enough black, floppy hats with gold braided trim, right?

Sooooo COLD. Seriously.
Asos jacket, old (option, option); Target dress and hat; ℅ DSW over the knee boots.

Tell me, what have you bought lately? Do share!

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Get in my closet (and let's give away $100 to J Crew, too!)


J Crew skirt, old (very similar option from Sheinside!)

I am so jealous of this from last year Spring outfit of mine right now! Maybe because we are on day a zillion of below zero temps and my kids have been out of school and I am currently GOING NUTS. (Send wine.)

Since I am not leaving my home anytime soon (style blogging+living in Northern Michigan=DYING), let's do a fun giveaway to J Crew! My amazing Group Sponsor gals (sign up HERE for March…) have pooled their funds together and are giving away a $100 gift card to J Crew to one of our lovely readers.   I put together a fun little collage of some of the things I am loving right now on Jcrew.com, too, because online shopping is just AWESOME. Also, I am a sucker for their accessories;)

Tell me, what would YOU buy with $100 to J Crew?

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