What I'm loving at Nordstrom RIGHT NOW (and a giveaway!)


Old Navy plaid top, jeans and bag; Target Thor tee and hat (similar); Hunter boots.

Sometimes I forget about the wonder of Nordstrom, as we don't have one nearby and it's often a bit more pricey for me. But THEN, I find awesome stuff when they have their annual sale, or something catches my eye on another blogger and I decide it needs to be mine (Blogger sell through WORKS, folks;)

Also, gift cards of free money helps, too…see below!

Here are some of the things I've been eyeing at Nordstrom (online) lately:

I have two pairs of Hunter boots already, but last week I saw a mama on the soccer fields in these matte black ones, and I was smitten. They looked so chic with basic denim and a slouchy sweater.

This reversible tote looks EXACTLY like the Madewell Transport tote, except it reverses (go figure!), and it's so much cheaper! I really want the tan and silver version.

You know how sometimes you end up pinning twenty five different versions of the SAME THING on Pinterest sometimes? I have a slight obsession with poncho's, and this tassel trimmed Southwestern-ish one is amazing. 

Sam Edelman Petty bottles are the best, I think they are the most perfect ankle boots (I have them in tan!) Loving this silver speckled version.

I have a blank nyc moto jacket that I adore that has since sold out, but this one is cheaper and looks pretty edgy, too!

Lastly, I've been searching for a long, white faux fur vest lately. I think it would look so cool over an all black look, very sleek and fun. Would YOU wear a white vest?

On THAT note, my sponsors have graciously donated funds for a $75 Nordstrom giftcard giveaway! The giveaway will last a week and is open to anyone that can receive a Nordstrom e-giftcard;) Good luck!

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watch/read/wear (and in case you missed it…)


Sneak peek for next week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just feel off? Not good, not bad, just….meh. I've been laying low the past couple of days, reading books and blogs, and going to bed really early, and that feels GOOD. I like to do this every once in awhile, sort of get all my ducks in a row and organize my thoughts and feelings. I'm always best when I hibernate within my own mind and set my goals and intentions for the future, even if they involve more friend time and less shopping;)

On that note, I am getting my hair cut and colored TODAY, which is so necessary and something I've been looking forward to! I'm cutting a few inches off and getting some lowlights to blend this blonde in at the roots better, because, HOLY grow-in pains. These black roots aren't pretty. 

Here are some OTHER things I've been loving lately:


These three pairs of shoes from DSW shoes (studded, wedge booties, leopard) are on their way to my home, and I am DYING to show them off to you. Which are your favorite? 


I first saw this article on Facebook about why stay at home mama's should shut up and stop whining…I obviously angry clicked over to see what it was about, and was pleasantly surprised. Thoughts?

If you've ever wanted to write a novel, this month is IT! My gal pal Chelsea, over at The Girl Who Loved To Write, has come up with the perfect plan…are you in?

I love Jess Connolly's vision of Practicing Motherhood. Truthful posts about motherhood (that don't make me feel bad about myself!) are the best.

In case you missed it…

Why Target ALWAYS wins in my book.

The adorable hairstyle I tried on my daughter this past weekend.

Happy weekend, friends! And fun plans you'd like to share?

Target DOES it again. Which it always does, but we knew this, right?


Blank NYC moto jacket (similar); Old Navy jeans and hat (similar); Sam Edelaman 'petty' boots; Target scarf; ℅ Lulu*s bucket bag; Logo top (similar.)

It's come to my attention lately, that if I am patient enough Target will make my life easier. Any and all trends that I am drooling over at higher prices (and sometimes BOUGHT at higher prices elsewhere…booooooo), trickle themselves down to Target at a much chapter price point.

Take this scarf. You can't look through Instagram or visit any blog and NOT see a plaid, blanket style scarf. They are everywhere. I've been admiring a more expensive one on Zara.com the past month or so, when I found the one I am wearing above at Target for $16.99. It has the same feel and look, but with the added wearability of a regular scarf (I mean, blanket scarves ARE bulky, right?!) Also, it is soft and I sort of want to turn it into a comforter and sleep with it. 

I've also noticed a couple of options for slip on sneakers (Leopard! Quilted leather!), that are A LOT less than the name brand ones I ended up buying last Spring. I hate when I do that! I bite the bullet and buy the ones that are popular, and then I see them for much less at Target. NOT winning. 

The same savings can be had with this Buffalo print jacket  that I've been side eyeing it for days now. I may need a buffalo plaid intervention.

Tell me, what have you bought at Target lately that is much less than a popular, trendy item?

fall trends with lulu*s: resurrecting floral for chillier times


℅ Lulu*s dress and bucket bag; studded cardigan, old; Blank NYC moto jacket (splurge/save; Target leopard boots, old (flat sneaker optionheel option.)

I wore this out last Thursday for an impromptu anniversary lunch with my husband. We went to a place that had one tiny little room, with itty bitty tables right up next to each other, and food that was so good you had to tell the person next to you (who were doing the same thing back, because great food needs to be shouted from the rooftops, right?!) Our daughter was at school, and our son was at playgroup with a friend, so we enjoyed a little bit of time together on our tenth anniversary. It was lovely.

I DO like the chance to dress up a little when I can, and knew this Lulu*s floral maxi would be great. Toughened up with a studded cardigan and vegan leather moto jacket, it reads less Summer and more cozy Fall to me. I've mentioned before that I don't like to put my clothes away for the season, I'd rather find a way to make them work with more layers or interesting add ons. In the Fall I ALWAYS wear a hat, most likely to hide my dark roots situation, and also because I really like the look they bring to an outfit. Add in my favorite new jacket to toughen things up and I am one happy mama. As it gets colder, black tights and boots can be worn under dresses, and cozy scarfs can be added on top of jackets. I love the unexpected addition of floral and studs, with the toughness of (faux) leather. It feels cool and edgy, a look I love right now. 

It's funny, after our anniversary lunch we grabbed our son from my friend and went to the hardware store. I walked up and down the aisles with my tool obsessed five year old, and we tried out all the winches, engine lifters, and forklifts we could. I laughed a little at myself for begin a little overdressed for where we were, but in the end I could still be a hands on mama and try to figure out what in the world all the tools were that we were looking at. 

(I'm STILL learning, though I can name alllll the construction vehicles now;)

Tell me, how do you wear floral this time of year? 

P.S. Please check out my fellow mama fashionista, Megan from Chasing Davies, and how she styles her Fall floral look!

This post is sponsored by Lulu.com! Thank you so much for supporting those that help support this blog.

how to make your morning routine easier


This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Goody, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GoodyGorgeous http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Once upon a time there was a little girl, and she was born with pin straight black hair. This soon fell out and was replaced with a headful of lighter brown locks, and they curled! They twisted and turned and, for a long time, made her resemble a boy Cabbage Patch doll (I have pictures to prove it…) Until one day, it got long enough for ponytails and braids and bows. It grew and grew, down her back, when suddenly it became a PROBLEM. Not because of the perfect curls and ringlets, but from the battle it took to comb it out, daily. It required tears and threats and many minutes detangling hopeless knots. This mama threatened to cut it all off, because the crying was just TOO MUCH, and the tears weren't always from a certain six year old.

I've heard of various brushed out there that are supposed to fix this issue, but they never did. Enter the Goody Tanglefix brush. I picked it, and the Quikstyle Paddle and Half Round brush, up at Walgreens during their Buy/One Get One free event. It fits into the palm of your hand, and somehow seems to effortlessly brush through the thickest, most sleep tangled curly hair ever. Each morning I spray Molly's hair with detangler, then brush it through in sections with the TangleFix brush. It takes about one minute and we are both sort of amazed that it doesn't hurt and cause tears (we've had some rough mornings with other brushes, I promise.) 

After I brush out her hair I ask her what she would like me to do with her hair that day. Often enough she wants a high ponytail, or sometimes a fishtail braid on a fancy day. Since her hair is so much thicker and nicer than mine, I like to look through Pinterest and various websites for fun and QUICK hairstyles to try out on her. My two favorites are this Princess crown braid (see above!), that takes about two minus to do, and this Braided Princess crown. I love being able to do really fun hairstyles on her that don't take up a lot of time, because she gets squirmy after about a minute or two and I need to get dressed as well. (Why is it that THEY are always ready, and I'm still standing there in my nightgown and slippers?!)

Here are some other trips that make our morning smoother:

1) We get up earlier than we need to, because I like built in time to NOT have to rush. Rushing causes yelling and chaos, and I hate starting my day like that. We eat breakfast together (or they eat, I drink coffee!), then they get dressed while I clean up/get their backpacks packed. 

2) Because we have had issues with staying motivated and not getting sidetracked, I don't let the kids watch any TV before school, ever. I watch the news for the first five minutes for the weather, then I put music on. This makes our mornings calmer, and creates an atmosphere where the kids will color, read books, or play outside before school instead of watching a show. 

3) After breakfast, I help the kids get their clothes picked out, shoes placed by the door, and hair done (er, just one of them needs that. Thank GOODNESS.) Again, the Goody TangleFix brush makes the hair process SO MUCH smoother, and I can do her hair in a few minutes or less. I also find that keeping her hair trimmed regularly eliminates all the "crunchy bits" on that bottom that occurs with constant brushing and hair products, and makes her hair more manageable. 

3) I often shower the day before, either at night while the kids are in bed, or after the gym while they are in school. On a good day I get about 15 minutes to get dressed and ready from start to getinthecarwehavetoleaverightnow, and on a bad day, maybe five. Not having to shower cuts down this time dramatically. I also set out clothes for myself the night before, or have an idea of what I want to wear. On an easy day I can just wear my workout clothes and go straight to the gym after dropping the kids off at school. 

4) I only wash my hair about 2-3 times per week, and style it twice. I tried out Goody's Quikstyle Paddle brush recently and LOVED it. It is really lightweight, and has almost a towel material built in between to bristles to dry your hair more quickly when blow drying and paddle brushing it straight. This takes that time away when I don't have time to let it dry a little after washing, you can dry it when it is really wet and it dries more quickly. In the morning I just run a brush through the ends, put a little argan oil on it, then either wear it down if it looks clean, or put a hat on it if it looks dirty. Problem solved!

5) My makeup routine is fairly simple, so I can do a full face in under three minutes. Moisturizer with SPF, Foundation or CC Cream, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick on a "fancy" day; mascara and a smudge of eyeliner only on a gym or low key day. I find that wearing a bright lip can make me  look more put together than any other type of makeup, so that is my go to on a busy day. 

Our mornings are busy, but with the extra time built in, and some time to hang out while they eat and get dressed, I find that the day begins with a smile. Not having a battle over hair brushing is a gift to my daughter AND myself, she doesn't dread it each morning anymore, and I love that. We have more minutes to sometimes read a book or two, or for me to blast a blog post on social media and take care of the little details. The kids can hang out while I put my makeup on, or ride bikes in the driveway a bit. I like that, for the most part, our day starts on a happy note. 

Now did I just jinx myself for tomorrow? ;)

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P.S. There is a current Buy One/Get One offer at Walgreens running from now until Nov 1st (while supplies last!) on ALL Goody products, including the TangleFix AND the Quikstyle brushes. You need a Walgreens store reward card to partake in this offer, and it is supper easy to sign up for. 
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