Mother/daughter 4th of July style


On Meagan: Old Navy top (in stores) and jeans; Converse sneakers; Baublebar necklace.
On Molly: Old Navy top, wearing her Dad's old hat from Disney, cicra 1985;)

The kids and I popped into Old Navy last week and had a little fun getting prepped for the upcoming holiday. I LOVE theming Molly and I (the boys tend to to do their own thing with tees and cargo shorts;), and when we saw these star tees/tanks, I knew I had to buy them. My daughter is funny, she tends to be more sporty in how she dresses, and then sometimes she is all about a certain look. I bought her this tee and a similar striped one and she has not taken them off. I adore watching her develop her own sense of style and really try to step back and let her do so (even if I cringe a bit at some of her ideas, ha!)

As for myself, I truly envision  wearing this tank on the 4th with a pair of cutoff denim shorts and simple sandals. I'll bring a lace kimono to throw on in case it gets chilly. (And red lips, too, most likely!) We go to a friends house for the day/night to watch the airshow and the fireworks, and it is really casual and awesome. Think sparklers and yummy food, and the best view in the town. It's been a great tradition that I look forward to each year. I'll most likely wear this tank again over a bathing suit for a day at the beach on Friday to watch my husband fly in the air show practice. Maybe knotted at the waist with a denim skirt

We are an extra Patriotic family and we will dress accordingly for about a week straight. I can't wait!

3 things on my mind right now


1) We are in full on beach season, which is my FAVORITE, and I've discovered 99.9% of my bathing suits are black. Which is fine, obviously, but maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone? I've been looking for a couple of fun bikini tops that I can mix and match with my black bottoms. First on my list? A ruffled off the shoulder top that I just CANNOT LOCATE. I found a similar style HERE that is cute, but I want ruffles! Anyone see one out there you can point me to? 

2) You know how those Facebook ads that pop up on the side of your feed seem to KNOW the inside of your soul and point you to what you didn't even know you need? (Through browsing history, but whatever.) I discovered Pure Vida that way and their fun bracelets and this cute pineapple pouch are ridiculously fun for Summer. Love this Friendship bracelet pack and this Pacific Daze pack. I find myself stalking the site daily lately. Who doesn't want a fun stack of bracelets on their arm that are this cute? 

3) Continuing on the Summer theme and all things beachy, I just got this watermelon case for my iPhone from Caseify! #obsessed

Also, this pineapple one and this 'Good Vibes Only' palm print one are AMAZING. 


Something old, something new (something borrowed, something blue...)


Target top and sandals; Baublebar choker.

This outfit is a very simple "mom" look of mine. It's a mix of comfortable and trendy, with the pretty crochet details on the top and the funky feather/moon icons on this (old) skirt I own. I love Target's maxi skirts that they do each summer. The patterns are always fresh and fun, and you can't beat the comfort and wearability of a maxi skirt. I also think they are killing it in the top department right now! They have so many pretty tops with off the shoulder, crochet, and 70's patterns. I've bought 3 or 4 over the last month or so and I love them all. You can't go wrong with a handful of new tops that are $22 or less. 

In other news, my daughter decided that she wanted to plan her own wedding the other day. She made invitations, we came up with a menu (strawberry shortcake and Coconut La Croix spritzers!), did a photo shoot in her bridal look, and set up a ceremony site in our backyard. I just love her imagination! It's amazing what happens when you let kids run with something and give them a little time to amuse themselves. I've said this before, I'm a big proponent of limiting activities in the summer and just letting my kids do their thing. We go to the beach a ton, run through the sprinkler every night, our routine gets really easy and a lot less scheduled, and life is just plain AWESOME. 

Shop this post:

Target is killing it right now


Let's be honest, Target is always killing it in my opinion, but what I REALLY mean is that Target is killing it in the clothing and shoes department. Maybe because it's finally warm out and all the off the shoulder tops and dresses can be worn now, or maybe it's just because I'm a sucker for all things boho and pretty? I just know I can't stop buying all the pretty things there, and it never matters because 90% of it is under $22 and that's the best price for clothes, in my opinion;) 

I wore this outfit above to Target last week and got stopped by a lady there telling me how pretty she thhought my top was. I directed her about four aisles away and showed her right where it was, right there in the front. She was so happy to find it, ha! I LOVE this shirt, it is flowy and just the prettiest peach/blush color.

I also bought this off the shoulder top that was sitting beside the one above, and last worn with my overalls HERE

And continuing on the peach/blush of the shoulder trend, this dress is great! Last worn here and here!

I think Target always kills it in the summer sandal department. From the simple ones I'm wearing above, to my metallic tie up ones, to these super cute tassel sandals. I never buy expensive sandals, because Target has the same ones for much less. 

The best simple tee (with a cute flare shape and tie back!), that I have in 3 colors. 

Love this mesh one piece bathing suit (it looks super cute with cutoff shorts at the beach!)

I use this tassel pouch every single day, I keep my wallet in it and use it to transfer my stuff from one bag to another easily, or I just grab it and go if I want to not carry a bag at all. 

Happy Friday, friends! Any good weekend plans? We are heading to the beach all weekend and I am so excited. The beach is my happy place. 


Take the Monat hair challenge


It felt like I had been searching my whole life for hair products that did what they said they would. I tried EVERYTHING, from the cheapest of the cheap (remember Suave Coconut shampoo, I still die over the brings me back), to the expensive (Aveda, Wen, and all that kind.) I never found one line that did what I wanted, and never found a mix of products that did what I needed. I have thin, very dry hair, that has steadily fallen out for the last decade or so. I constantly bought new products to see if it would be the miracle I was looking for. Spoiler alert: I never found it.)

Until Monat. 

My friend Jenny asked me to try it out a year ago and I first said no. I had been using Wen and I thought I loved it. Yet my hair needed a lot of product and styling to make it look passable, and it really wasn't making my hair nicer (it actually fell out more.) The ends were dry and my scalp was oily. Not a good combo. Finally last November I was ready, and the first time I tried Monat I almost died. You first thing you notice is the softness, because MAN, does Monat deliver on that. Then you notice how quickly it styles, and how little products you need. 

Monat works as a treatment system, so as it balances your hair and scalp and strips your hair of silicone's and other yucky bi-products of most hair products, your hair just gets better and better. 

The shine also came back, something I haven't seen in a long time! I've noticed tons of new growth around my hairline, too (Monat is clinically proven to regrow hair!) It is also botanically based, with no parabens, gluten, GMOs, harmful fragrances and colors, harsh salt systems, sulfates, animal byproducts, and phthalates. I use this stuff on myself and my kids, so no yucky chemicals for us;)

I loved Monat so much I immediately signed up to sell it, despite side eyeing direct sales people for years. (I'm sorry! I get it now. It is the new age of work life. I've drank the Kool-Aid, I'm hooked!) 

I can go three or four days between washes. I use four products only, blow dry and style less, and my hair looks and feels better than it ever has. When I say how happy I am with Monat, I actually find it is hard to express, because having hair we feel happy with seems so trivial, yet it is not. I love shampooing my hair, I love how my hair looks and feels, and to be 35 and be able to say this finally is pretty amazing. 

Here's my challenge to you: comment below and tell me what you have the most trouble with when it comes to your hair. I'd love to start a conversation and get you a sample of Monat to try. Your hair needs a summer Monat vacation! I KNOW you will love it, as I do. 

If you'd like to chat about the Monat oppotunity (it's crazy awesome!), email me at becauseofjackie(at)yahoo(dot)com, subject line MONAT OPPORTUNITY, and we can chat!