Stuff I'm (really) bad at


I AM really good at eating my weight in food from a food truck. And buying awesome polka dot pants. Ha;)

Since blogging and the hearty ideals of Instagram tend to show a fancier vision of what a person is REALLY LIKE, I wanted to be a bit more fun and share stuff that I am spectacularly BAD at. I've shared my Top 10 Life Achievements and 30 Facts ABout Me before, but not exactly the nitty gritty, yucky stuff I'm not particularly awesome at. (Thanks Linda for the great post idea!) Without further ado, here's some...

Stuff I'm (really) bad at:

-I am a super organized and neat person (I must make the bed each day and nothing can be on my counters), but I am not a great house cleaner. I like to wait until things are embarrassingly bad before I give in and clean it. My kids' bathroom currently looks like a gas station urinal, my shower is badly in need of scrubbing, and I can see the crumbs underneath the kitchen island as I speak. My neatness tends to hide this fact from folks, but if you look close (please don't!), my house is a horror show.

-I am really bad at returning phone calls and calling those that I love. I talk to a few people a lot, but for a lot of others I forget to call and text and can be a touch reclusive. Sometimes after all my blogging work is done, and I've carted the kids all over God's green earth, the last thing I want to do is hop on the phone and talk. I think about those I love and how much I should call them a lot more than I actually talk to them. 

-I'm not the mom that gets on the floor and plays with her kids a lot. I hate pretending to have tea parties and building Lego masterpiece's. It is mind numbing to me. I also don't like when they ask to help in the kitchen (it is so much faster to make dinner without their "help.") I will gladly take a walk with them, sit outside while they play, read them books, or cuddle with them and watch a movie, but PLEASE don't ask me to pretend anything. I'm also NOT a crafty mom that makes amazing homemade birthday cakes, or creates scavenger hunts on a rainy day, or comes up with creative snacks for school. Just, no.

-I asked my husband what I'm bad at, and he just said driving, so HA! (Though I say he has road rage and is too aggressive when he drives, so there's that;)

-I'm not a good activity planner. I love organizing the packing and logistics of a trip, but prefer my husband to come up with the ideas and book the boring parts of it. Hotel reservations, driving details, and other stuff like that? I hate it and avoid it like the plague. 

-I've had a 10 year journal for a month or so and I am already really behind on it. I find myself scrambling for a week to remember what on EARTH we have been doing and I have about ten years of this to look forward to. Journals and I DO NOT mix. I like the idea of it, but executing it has been a bit more than my mind can handle.

-I'm a really bad procrastinator. If I know I have time to do something I prefer to wait until the absolute last minute to get it done. I never read my book club books until two days before (if that), and anything else I can put off I will. This carries over to my house cleaning philosophy, obviously.

-I hate clutter, so I often go into fits of throwing stuff out and giving loads of things to Goodwill, only to find out that I actually NEEDED that scrap of paper with the directions on it, or that thing I donated.  I think moving a lot in the military, plus my overwhelming need to gain control in my life, has made me want to have the least amount of stuff possible. This backfires on me a lot. 

-I'm horrible at sending birthday cards, or baby gifts, or anything like that. And if I DO send them, they are majorly late. Again, I THINK about doing it, I plan on doing it, but my execution of it is lacking. I have a couple of friends that have had babies lately and, other than a text or short phone call (or Facebook message, to be honest), sending something is probably not going to happen. 

Tell me, what are YOU bad at? 

Get in my closet (it's Madewell gift card giveaway time!)


So, I'm currently a week or so in my 'non capsule collection', capsule collection spending freeze (confused yet?), and it feels so good! It feels freeing, less stressful, and really eye opening. I needed this time to take a breath of sorts and to see what I really wear out of my closet, and to be more creative! Buying new clothes and  wearing only new stuff does NOT a style blogger make. Ha!

Just remind me of all these good feelings in a month or so, okay?

On that note, before I stopped my shopping I had ordered a pair of Madewell's boyfriend shorts. I had been eyeing them for quite some time because I was intrigued by the looser fit and I love the paler wash of them. My FAVORITE pair of shorts I own are from the J Crew outlet in St. Augustine, Florida,  and are about a hundred years old. I don't remember exactly how much they were, but it was more than I typically would pay for anything. YET, they were worth it! They have been the only shorts I have worn for years. I almost always take the less expensive route when it comes to shopping. (You know this!) I find that the clothing at Target and Old Navy suits me just fine, and I am rarely disappointed by their quality. Shorts though, those are tricky for me. I hate a lower rise, or a tighter fit, and find that most stores think that shorts should be crazy short. Which DOES NOT make me look good. The good news? I LOVE these new Madewell shorts! They fit perfectly (not too tight, higher rise, a loose but not TOO loose fit), and the color is the most 70's-ish of pale washed out blue. They are the Holy Grail of shorts.

On that note, my Group Giveaway gals have pooled their cash together so they could give away a $75 gift card to Madewell! Madewell is killing it with their lighter colored denim line for Spring (those flares!), and I love their dainty yet strong jewelry aesthetic. I'd also personally buy their short overalls, because WHY NOT go back to the 90's and relive it all? ;)

The giveaway will run for a week and is open to anyone that can shop either online or in store with Madewell. Good luck!

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5 things I love about being a boy mom


When I was a little girl I always envisioned myself having a ton of children, all of them prim and proper little girls in flounced dresses and pristine patent leather shoes. (Ha!) I was super girly, so I thought I wanted that when it came to children. (I also wanted twins, so that gives you another hint as to how nuts I was!) I did get to have my little girl, and she is my sassy little curly headed babe, but then I got a baby boy for my second, and he is such a surprise to me. I thought for a hot second that I would be disappointed, but that's because I just didn't know how awesome boys really are. 

Here are five things I love about being a boy mom:

1) Everything about having a boy is a mystery to me. I grew up with a brother and I get Lego's and dirt biking and sweaty sports stuff, but really, I didn't have a clue about caring for little baby boy parts or what it would be like to send him for a circumcision at two days old. I don't understand a boy's mind at thirteen, or how his mind will work in school, or what even boys think about. (Do women EVER learn this?) And that scared me for a long time. Now I just enjoy him for who he is, regardless of his gender. I feel like I am here to protect his emotional life and really hear him and be the mama who cheers the loudest at ball games. I will let him be gooey and cry and be sensitive. I will build Lego buildings and play Transformer's with him when I am tired of Princess tea parties. I like the mystery of not knowing precisely what boys are  like, or how he may be thinking as he grows up. 

2) At this point, he doesn't really care what he wears and is perfectly happy to let his mama pick out his clothes. Boys are so very low maintenance when it comes to clothes. And hair! He is more casual than his sister (surprise!), and from the beginning I had fun dressing him in cute cargo pants and tees. I feel like having a girl puts pressure on the mama to always dress them up like a doll, and to always wear the pink and the frills and the tutus. And trust me, I had fun with that…but a boy is fun to dress in a different way. There are no battles in the morning when getting dressed, ever, and there is something very amazing about that.

3) From the second my son was born he was a snuggler. And he loves to snuggle with me, in particular. For a couple of years he only wanted to be held by me, to sit on my lap in every social situation, and to sit right on top of me on the couch at home. He's still like that. This boy, who's first word was mama and rode on my hip forever, is my heart. For years it seems he has been my constant companion, coming with me to drop his sister off at school, and hanging with me until we could get her again. This is his last year being home with me two days a week before he goes to Kindergarten next year, and I keep wondering what I am going to do without him home during in the day. I've had five and a half years of him by my side constantly, he's the one that tells me, "You're so pretty, mama..", and, "I love you, mama." He is my mushiest child, the one that needs the most hugs and love and snuggles, and he gives them out so freely. I adore him. 

4) I know this may sound weird, but I don't worry about him as much as I do my daughter. I think it's easier to be a man in this world (though I think women DO really run this world;) I don't have to worry about so many things with him, from getting pregnant unintentionally, or getting raped, or having to worry about him walking along anywhere at night and having someone walk too close behind him and making his heart skip a beat in fear. I mean, of course this stuff DOES happen to men, just not like it does to women. I have different fears for him, but they aren't the same things I worry about with my little girl. 

5) Finally, I like that I get a chance to teach him how to be a man, from a women's perspective. I want him to be a gentleman, and to be able to meet his future wife and be confident and sure of himself. I want him to be the type of man that helps with the housework and changes diapers and wears a tiara when his daughter requests it. I know my husband will help him with the guy parts of life, but I look forward to teaching him the softer parts of living. I want him to respect women, most of all, and to have that respect and love reflected back on him. He can be rough and tough and manly and all that fun stuff that I love about men, too, but also be the type of guy that vacuums the floor and does the laundry from time to time. And maybe even some day, his wife will come to me and say THANK YOU, for raising the type of man who can be soft and hard, all at the same time. (Here's hoping;)

This boy of mine is a blessing, and I will hold on to him so tight, until he leaves and lives his own life someday. But for now, I am the keeper of his heart and feelings, and being his mama is the biggest reward of my life.

Festival style with Revolve + Tuluarosa


℅ Tuluarosa Dame top

Zara jeans, old (LOVE these floral Old Navy chinos; Target boots, hat (with floral headband) and fringe vest; Nordstrom reversible bag; Forever 21 round sunglasses.

Each year around this time I start getting a little (okay, a lot), excited for festival season. Coachella in particular is something I love, but not JUST for the music. I adore the style that festival season brings to the forefront. I mean, I think we all know me pretty well here, right? I'm a boho, eclectic style kind of gal when the weather gets warm. Throw a kimono, anything fringe, and turquoise jewelry at me and I will be your slave. Seriously;) So watching photos and footage of what folks are wearing at music festivals is something that I spend a bit more time on than I want to admit. 

Something that I find myself pinning a lot of on my Style Inspiration page on Pinterest lately is off the shoulder tops. I think they have the perfect vibe for the laid back look I crave in the summer. This Tuluarosa off the shoulder top from Revolve is perfection. I like that I could wear it two ways, finding that it looked fun with the sleeves pulled up, as well as completely off the shoulder as it is meant to be (and with my new fave fringe vest.) I think clothes should be FUN, and they can also be anything we want them to be. My prefect vision for this top would be over my fringe bikini, with cutoff jean shorts and simple sandals. Airy white tops are just right for the warmer months, and make me think off all things awesome (like a cold Summer Shandy on my back deck, sandy toes, and slightly sun kissed shoulders.) 

Do you here that Summer? I'm ready for you. Sigh.

Tell me, would you wear an off the shoulder top? How would you style it?

my 'non capsule wardrobe' capsule wardrobe idea


Nordstrom jacket, old (similar); Old Navy tee; ℅ Levis' shorts (just bought THESE from Madewell!); Target boots; thrifted sweater (similar); American Eagle turquoise necklace and ring.

I've been quietly fascinated by the idea of a capsule wardrobe for quite some time now. I follow Caroline and her minimalistic style journey avidly, and find the concept really enthralling (yet scary?!) I've toyed around with the idea of doing one myself a couple of times as well, but have never been able to really say it out loud and do it. I think we all know I am not a minimalist dresser, nor do I want to be. I feel stifled by the idea of only wearing a certain number of pieces from my closet (though let's be honest, I kind of DO only wear the same things for the most part), and don't want to curb my creativity when getting dressed. 

So if I don't like the very idea of the capsule wardrobe and what it stands for, why am I still intrigued?

This past couple of weeks (after doing some major shopping damage, oops!), I finally figured out the crux of what really intrigues me: it's the idea of not shopping as much (or impulsively), for the length of a capsule wardrobe season that I like. I want to be able to take the time to research and find what types of clothing I really like (without shopping), while enjoying what I already have. Curbing shopping to a smaller period of time and being more smart about what I buy. 

You see, I like to shop. A lot. I'm never out of control, and I don't shop with money we don't have, yet I buy things often that makes me incredibly happy in the shorter run. BUT, once that feeling wears off I find I want to buy more. I get obsessed with an idea or trend, or see something and can't rest until I have it. I've learned that if I let this feeling pass (it only takes a couple of days), that I feel better or may even not want the item anymore. Except I don't always wait. I often find that if I just buy this one thing, my wardrobe will be complete and I will be happy. Yet how many of those one more things are in my closet as we speak, and I am STILL not fully satisfied?

What I've discovered is that I really just like the capsule wardrobe concept of 'no shopping for a period of time.' I feel like I can take the time to research what I want for the seasons ahead (while wearing the clothes I already own), and shop for a small period of time at the end of each capsule season, rather than impulsively shopping on a continuous basis. I'm hopeful that this could break the cycle I have of buying things on EMOTION and WANT rather than NEED and LOVE. I want to enjoy what I already own and use the things I have in abundance. The Spring capsule season is April, May and June, so I plan to not shop during that time. (Trust me, this SCARES me!) I know I have ENOUGH. I don't need more. Seriously!

I'm going to enjoy what I own RIGHT NOW until the end of June. And then I'll reevaluate and see if that feels good for me. I'm hoping to feel lighter and more free. Less hungry for MORE and more thankful for LESS. 

Tell me, what are your thoughts on a capsule wardrobe and living with less?

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