Beachwear steals and deals


While I'll never understand the need to break out school supplies the week after July 4th, I really like how all the bathing suits and summer stuff goes on sale right when I need it! Right about now I find that I'm sick of my suits and coverups and I want a refresh, except I don't want to spend a lot!

(Ha, I NEVER want to spend a lot;) 

I just recently picked up this neon strapped bikini top to go with my generic black bottoms (bought on clearance at Old Navy!), as well as this gorgeous straw hat. I bought this purple and black neoprene triangle top a couple of weeks ago too (I'm such a sucker!),  and love the graphic look of it.

I also have this blue and white chevron print bikini top, I wear it with a white crochet bottom and it looks really cute;)

When it comes to coverups I either wear some I've had for years (Roxy makes great ones!), or the one I wear above (I have it in two colors!) OR, I just wear denim cutoffs and a tank. I like Old Navy's $5 flip-flops because I don't have to worry about trashing them, or I wear my Birks. I lust over those hot pink ones below. Sigh...

As for beach bags, I use two. I have a great straw tote with a fun tassel detail that holds so much stuff (and it looks cute!), or I use my old, L.L. Bean Boat and Tote (with pink trim.)  Both work great and can handle tons of sand and various shells and rocks that my kids collect!

Note:  Old Navy is currently selling their bathing suits at 60% off, and Target is giving an extra 10% off their clearance items online with the code EXTRA. I know in store they also have great sales on all their summer sandals and shoes, too. (I saw AMAZING deals the other day, that don't necessarily show up online.)

Below are some of the items I mentioned above, most of which I already have, as well as a couple of things I still lust over;) 

Old Navy is killing it right now


Old Navy dress and bag, old (option); Target heels, old (option.)

I walked into Old Navy the other day with my friend and could not believe how awesome everything was in there! I immediately saw this dress up above and loved the ease of it, as well as the feel (linen, maybe?) I knew it would not only work well now, but in the future at work (with skinny pants underneath, because holy SHORTNESS;)

Lately I feel like Old Navy has it all. Great work basics, great life basics, awesome workout gear, and cute kid stuff. I picked up these sweats there that same day (they feel like heaven and are perfect for hanging at home), this graphic tank, and these cotton shorts (that I sleep and lounge in and feel awesome in after a day at the beach!)

Proof of my Old Navy loungewear obsession here on Instagram!

Life for me lately consists of long days at the beach, followed by a shower and comfy clothes. I couldn't wish for a better scenario!

Tell me, have you been into Old Navy lately?

The 5 products I'm obsessed with this Summer


Forever 21 top (option, option); J Crew shorts (similar); Target sandals

Summertime for me means less dressing up and more basics. There are a lot less photoshoots and blogging, and tons more family time. My hair goes natural and my makeup is almost non existent, and I love it! I wear bathing suits and cover ups most of the time, and then I get home and slide right into a pair of cropped sweats and an oversized tank. I spend less on clothes and shoes and more on products this time of year, and I wanted to share what I am loving right now. 

1) With all the coffee and red wine I drink I've noticed that my teeth are not as white as I would like (read:  they're kinda yellow. Eww.)  I've watched a couple of presentations on QVC of Supersmile and a couple of weeks ago I ordered this set. I've noticed improvements already and I'm hoping to see even more as the weeks go on. I mean, who doesn't want whiter teeth?

2) My go to lotion is the super size jugs of Philosophy that I buy from (you guessed it!) QVC. For the past year I have been obsessed with the Fresh Cream scent. It's slightly sweet, but still fresh and clean. I hate an overly scented anything and this lotion is amazing. I love getting out of the shower after a day at the beach and slathering this stuff on. I'm somewhat addicted. I've also layered it with the Body Shop's Coconut body spray and I smell like pure summer, I tell ya;)

3) I don't wear a lot of makeup right now, just usually sunscreen, eyeliner, and a touch of mascara. Yet when I DO wear more I find that I love to wear Josie Maran's line of products. Her Protect and Perfect moisturizer goes on like a BB cream, sort of blending out imperfections. I also love her Argan oil for moisturizing, but wear her Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Serum in the warmer months at night because it is lighter. Her color stick (which came free in a kit I bought), is also my go to blush and subtle lip tint. 

4) I'm approaching my 35th birthday next month and I'm working on taking better and better care of my skin. I have unevenness due to hormonal issues and sun damage from my youth, so I recently picked up Philosophy's Microdelivery Triple- Acid brightening peel. It came with a set of 12 and I do it once a well. I've noticed my skin evening out more, and I'm anxious to see how it improves over the next month or so (I'm about 4 weeks in!)

5) Lastly, my hair has taken a beating in the past year ago with going blond and back. I've been babying it for the past 6 months or so, only coloring my roots and keeping it trimmed and less beaten up with styling tools. I love the Wen cleaning conditioners for my hair, but recently discovered the SIXTHIRTEEN Ultra Nourishing treatment. When blended with my other Wen it makes my hair SO soft!  It sort of supercharges the results and makes my hair better. I never use shampoo anymore and I don't ever think I will go back. 

Tell me, what products are YOU loving lately? I'm always game for trying something new!

Get in my closet... no seriously (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks!)


Unless you've been living under a rock you know that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is going on, and that this is the first day us non members can shop! I've bought some of my most loved pieces for Fall during this sale (see moto jacket above!), and love how the best and newest stuff goes on sale. I've put together a list of all the pretty things I'm eyeing and putting in my shopping cart, as well as some of my faves that I already own and can attest to wearing (and using) constantly. 

I have this reversible vegan leather tote in tan and ADORE it, so naturally I want the black version with a pocket.

I have a similar moto jacket to this (see above) and wear it all Fall and Spring (and layered in Winter, too!) I really like the tough and edgy look of this one.

These fringed Petty ankle boots are the perfect neutral boot for all seasons, and they rarely go on sale. I need!

I have a similar pair of these Steve Madden fringe heels (that I spent more money on, ha!), and I love them to death. These seem a bit more wearable with less fringe, and the nude color works with EVERYTHING.

I used to think that over the knee boots were a little too "Pretty Woman," until I tried on a pair last year. They look awesome with skinny jeans and slouchy sweaters! Who knew? ;)

I have these faux leather skinny pants and love how they edge up an outfit, yet feel like regular skinny jeans.

A hooded cardigan? I mean, those three words say it all.

The perfect floppy (yet not TOO floppy, you know?) hat for Fall. Or all year long!

I love the print on this blanket coat, perfect for mixing with other prints, or standing out on its own.

I use a Clarisonic every single day and love how smooth it makes my face feel.

I have been a big fan of Philosophy for a long time, and think their Purity cleanser is one of the best. I love the option of having a bottle for home AND away.

I also have a supersize bottle of Philosophy lotion at all times, and vary between scents, but Amazing Grace will always be one of my favorites. It is soft and feminine and not like any fragrance I've smelled before.

I have this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag in black and love how it mixes well with everything. This Fall I'm feeling a more neutral vibe, so this color is currently rocking my world right now.

Gorjana makes the prettiest, daintiest layering pieces (like this small bar necklace!), and I admire them from afar a lot. Loving the sale options available this year, I may be picking up a piece or two. This Elea twist  bracelet is awesome, too!

I think this year may be the year I get a real, big girl wallet. (You know, one that doesn't come from Target and is made for 14 year olds...;)

Loving these dark wash, high rise flare jeans. I mean, sometimes we need a break from skinny jeans, am I right?

How cool is this reversible constellation pendant?

Tell me, what are you buying (or lusting after?!) 

The dress that broke my shopping hiatus


Target dress and sandals.

I was doing so well. I've been not shopping for myself and wearing the clothes I already own with no issues (surprise, I have enough to wear without shopping!), until I saw this dress. I actually saw it on another blogger via Instagram, and darn it! I just couldn't resist. Typically I see something amazing on someone else and look it up, only to find it is something ridiculous, like a $500 dress that I could never even dream of affording. Except this time said dress was from Target! And it was on sale! 

I told myself I would just go LOOK, and not BUY. (Jokes on me, right?) But then Target had to go and do a buy one/get one 50% off deal, so I ended up buying this dress in peach and black. It's hard to tell above (because my manual camera mode skills are off and the color just show through well), but this dress is the prettiest peach color and I just adore it. It also feels silky and weightless and just perfect for casual days and nights. I may never wear another dress all summer long;)

Sizing note:  I ended up buying two sizes, the peach is in a medium and the black is in a small. The small fits a bit better, but I wasn't willing to NOT get the peach one, so sized up! They also had an aqua and a white, just in case you're interested….
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