how do you transition your style from one season to another?


I was thinking the other day, of how my style seems to shift from one aesthetic to another in different seasons, and I was wondering if this is the same for you? What I love and wear takes a fairly dramatic shift, and what I turn to swings widely from one side (boho) to the other (more edgy and monochromatic.) 

In the Summer I love boho anything. Flower crowns, flowing pieces, kimonos and mixed prints and easy fabrics. Turquoise jewelry, silver pendants, hair and skin that is (faux) kissed by the sun. I rarely wear pants unless they are wide and unrestricting, simple sandals and hair turbans are my best accessories, and cutoff shorts are my solution to all of life's problems. That, and maxi dresses! I rarely wear black or gray in the Summer, but turn more to pretty florals, all white looks, or graphic prints. 

In the Fall/Winter I love an all neutral palette. All black or all gray looks are my go to, as are ankle boots and simple beanie hats. I dislike any adornments and extras, and love the simpler aspect of dressing. A great sweater, the perfect skinny jeans, my favorite buckled boots. I become more of a minimalist when the weather turns. Layering textures becomes my new pattern mixing. Faux fur and denim and leather. A bright lip and simpler hair. More layers means less fuss with accessories, often I wear nothing more than my wedding rings and a pair of stud earrings. This Fall I'm obsessed with my new moto jacket, and faux leather leggings. I want a tougher, grittier look than I've been wearing the past few months. Red lips, a great hat, and unexpected jewelry

Tell me, does your style change from season to season, or are you more consistent?

Five ways to simplify and destress


Old Navy tee; Logo layering tank (love!); Target moto jeans; Payless wedges (similar); ℅ Sears knit vest (similar.)

I've been trying to simplify my life lately, especially as I head into school year craziness with my kids. This has led me to look at my routine and daily life choices and find what needs improvement. I'm the type of person who can't handle a lot of clutter, in my head and in my daily life, so taking time to eliminate the stressors that trigger this mental clutter is important. Now that I recognize this and what makes me NUTS, I can then work on making it better. Here's what is currently causing a tornado of stress in my head, and how I'm working to slow it down:

1) Shopping is something I love. It makes me happy to bring home something new every couple of days or so. I'm really good about sticking to a budget and not spending more than I have, but sometimes the need to have all the pretty things consumes me. I become this want monster who isn't happy until I have it, therefore making me no very appreciative of what I DO have. Being a style blogger can be difficult when it comes to this, because is is nice to show off the newest things, but I find that there isn't a lot of creativity in this. Because I see this in myself, I am taking a month off from shopping in September and using that time to wear what I already have in more fun and unique ways. 

Also, have you seen the Capsule Wardrobe that UnFancy does? I am so intrigued (even though I could NEVER do it!)

2) Since lightening my hair last month I find that it needs time to rejuvenate. My typical hair routine includes blowdrying, then flat ironing it, and then beach waving it with a curling iron. That's a TON of heat styling. I find that lately I can air dry it, then sleep on it with a simple no heat curling routine (I can do a video tutorial if needed!), and I wake up wavy (see above.) It's not perfect, and looks a bit more mussed, but again, you're not coming here looking for perfect hair so I can quit torturing it with heat tools. Also, great style to me means having a less done aspect about it, and my less done aspect will be crazier hair. Sometimes you just have to let fuzzy hair reign supreme, hmmm?

3) After a couple of months of doing without, I've bought a new calendar/agenda book and I've been writing everything down in it that I need do get done. And I mean everything! It helps me to have a place to write it down and a place to plan ahead. It's a simple planner with large spaces to write in, and it works. Everything from "pack lunches" to "mop floors" is written down, because I will not leave it uncrossed after I write it down. I am a procrastinator at heart, so this little plan of writing it all down after a Summer of nothing is keeping me on task, which makes my mind a happier place. 

4) Every season I go through every room in my house and clear out what I don't use and what I know I will never use. I then ruthlessly pack things into trash bags and bring it all to Goodwill. This makes me feel so good! I hate clutter and useless things and I'd rather donate it all than keep moving it from place to place. I go though my closet and either sell some of it on Poshmark, give it to my friends, or donate it. Doing this always shows me what I wear and what I don't. I'm hoping that I can then shop smarter in the future and avoid buying things I won't like three months from now. (Right?!)

5) My week generally runs on a routine that I can count on. I work out, grocery shop, run errands, etc on the same day each week. I can count on filling in the blanks in my calendar around this and it makes me more sane. I also like to start my Monday with a clean slate. All emails are cleaned out, all blog planning is outlined, kids activities are set, and tasks are written down so that when the week starts I know exactly what is going on and how I am going to do it. My kids are getting older, too, which means more after school activities and plans. Pre planning is SO key for my mental stability! I like to do all this pre planning on Sunday mornings, which for us is our least busy day and a time I can lay things all out on my kitchen table and plan.  

Tell me, how do you eliminate stress in your life? Any tips?

blogging is back (and how to amp up your game in one easy step!)


We made it! The lazy days of Summer have passed, and the dog days of blogging are behind us. Summer is a notoriously slow time for blogging. Pageviews, engagement, and overall participation take a nose dive as we all seem to take time to enjoy the parts of life that aren't on our computers. If you are new to the blogging scene, don't worry! Fall is blogging season, and if you play your cards right you can only go up from here. 

In the three plus years I have been publishing here (yikes!), I have found that there are some great ways to grow and get yourself out there. Reading lots of blogs and commenting is one way, and sponsorship is another (the BEST!) way. I myself like to sponsor at least one blog per month if my budget is up to it, but in my earlier days I would do up to five.  (For more on sponsorship and how it works, visit my post on  Blogging School.)

Because of Jackie has a great way to grow your readership with little effort, and that is through my Group Giveaway option. I modeled this after some of the best sponsorship opportunities out there, you could even say that all my trial and error is your GAIN! On average, all that participate gain a combined total of 150-200 new readers by booking this option. This means more eyes viewing your blog, and more opportunities for you to impress folks with your talent. 

I would love to have you on board this September! Spots are going fast, and for only a $15 price (and a $10 buy in fee, which goes directly towards the gift card!), you can be on the road to growing your readership and making your blogging dreams come true. Let me help YOU grow authentically and help YOU gain more exposure through my 21,000+ pageviews, and over 8,000 social media followers.

More details can be found on my sponsorship page, and you can book your spot HERE!

Have you bought from Baublebar?


I may be way behind on the Baublebar train, but it typically takes me a long time to branch out and buy something from a place I've never bought from before. First of all, I'm a routine kind of girl. I tend to shop at the same three or four places all the time. I browse at a lot of online stores a lot, but unless my credit card is on file and I KNOW I'll love it, I rarely buy it. 

Which is why I haven't bought at Baublebar until now. Sure I've looked, and hemmed and hawed over something pretty, but I never committed. I like my accessories on the cheaper side, and switch them often. YET, I have a couple of items I spent more on (like this necklace from Zara), and I love it. It cost me a bit more and it was worth that price. 

So what convinced me to buy something (or a few somethings), today? I saw a pair of earrings that are trending in the fashion world that cost way too much in the original version. I love trends that seem to fit my style, yet I never want to pay more than I have to for them. Typically this means Forever 21 or Target for me, because they always have the trends for less, and I love that. And a bargain! I mean, paying full price for something when you can get it for less? NO.

What I love about accessories, and trendy accessories at that, is that I can add in fun bits that make me feel current and cool, without having to buy an entire new outfit. A new earring, or an earring jacket that seems edgy and different, is fun. And easy!

Oh shoot, and I bought a ring, too.  Happy Friday to me!

Tell me, what is your favorite thing about Baublebar? Have you purchased there before?

can you do this? link up!


Old Navy tee; J Crew shorts, old (similar); Target boots, old (love these fringe ones!), and hat (similar); Zara necklace, old (deco pool collar!)

Last week a few of my friends and I escaped the sticky clutches of our children got the awesome chance to go tubing down a river while drinking warm Pinot Grigio out of plastic bottles at 10am. 

Don't judge me, it was AWESOME.

Besides talking about men (always), kids (always), an upcoming passion party (ha!), and other such nonsense, a question came up that stumped us all.  

What are TEN things that you want for yourself?

This sounds innocent, right? And easy? Think again. This list has to be completely about you. Not dreams you have for your kids, or anything that screams to do list, or dates you want with your husband. What do YOU want to do? Sometimes as a mom and a wife (who stays at home and can sort of get sucked into ONLY being a mom and wife most of the time), this thought process is hard. Even though I honestly don't mind this most of the time. I hardly ever think about what I want to do.  So I'm challenging my mama (and non mama!) friends to come up with TEN things that they want to do, either right now or ten years from now. Can you do it?

Here's mine:

1) Go to Lucky Fabb again, either in NYC or L.A.
2) Have a (lot's of) girl's weekend. And possibly meet some fabulous ladies I have met online, and reunite with others!)
3) Connect with a local photographer to expand my photography skills, and also to collaborate on better photographs (goodbye, tripod!)
4) Create a viable income for my blog and be a self sustaining/self employed woman (working on it;)
5) Continue to work out and find ways to push myself more so I can be stronger/healthier.
6) Visit the Italian Riviera, and also Greece. And Ireland!
7) Work as a writer, both for my blog and other publications.
8) Give away/sell everything I don't love or absolutely need. Less is more. I still have unpacked boxes from my move a year ago. CLEARLY I don't need this stuff.
9) Learn to spend more wisely when it comes to clothing and accessories, and find what is truly me. (I'm currently filling out this worksheet HERE.) This is not about being someone else, but about being less impulsive and more targeted with how I spend money/buy things. 
10) Be fearless in what I am scared about, (like trying blonde hair!) Life is short, wear the red lipstick to preschool drop off;)

Tell me, what are some things that you want for yourself?

P.S. Due to a demand of YOU asking, I've decided to make this a link up! I can't wait to read your lists!

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