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Target sweatshirt, hat (similar), bag (similar), and shoes (similar); Logo layers tank (underneath.)

The last of the blonde!

I was thinking this week, about having a five and a six year old and how much easier this age seems to be than earlier ones. I look back and wonder how I survived when they were both under two, or when my husband was away for long stretches of time, or when they were at home full time with no school for sanity breaks. Can we mention how integral sanity breaks are for me now? It is the ONLY reason I stay sane. 

It seemed, for a long time, that life was continuously hard for a long time. Yet normal? You learn to live on little sleep, little time to yourself, and at least one child either crying at your feet or in your arms at both times. You push through and trudge along and keep you head down, under one day you look up, and it's better. 

But first...

You bring your children to the park and never sit, because they are climbing on play structures that somehow have six foot drop offs at different intervals that almost guarantee a hospital visit.

You grocery shop with one in a bjorn and one in the cart, piling groceries on top of them as they get older, and always, always, dreading having to go back a week later. 

You go to the doctor with two children, whether it be the OBGYN, the dentist, the orthodontist, or the physical therapist, because childcare isn't an option and WHAT ELSE are you supposed to do?

You sleep train two kids, praying for minutes to pass by fast while they cry it out in intervals, or pat their backs and shush continuously, like "The Baby Whisperer" taught you, wondering if it will work and will your child ever sleep continuously? (It does, and they will.)

You learn the pain of weaning from almost everything. Breast, bottle, pacifiers, lovies…everything. Just don't ask about sound machines, that thing cannot be broken. 

You potty train, spending endless hours sitting on the edge of your tub, with a six month old at your feet and a little girl who reads books and fights using the bathroom every step of the way. You also throw out panties that have been...destroyed, because you WILL NOT rinse those out and use them again for potty training. 

You clean up accidents on the floor of Walmart with wipes you have to buy, because you stupidly forgot yours, and you learn the valuable lesson of knowing where every bathroom is in every store within a 100 mile radius.

You clean red gatorade from a carpet, crayon from the walls, vomit from the couch, baby powder that has been exploded in glee, diaper cream smeared over very surface, and a dirty diaper that has been spread all over a white, spindle crib. (Don't ask.)

You learn the valuable lesson of not leaving a nine month old baby on a changing table for even one second, not even to grab a dress two feet away, because they will fall off and break their arm. You will also bear watching them sick and suffering, having blood drawn with an iv, X-rays for pneumonia and nursemaid's elbow, and every other sickness under the sun. The emergency room will be your best friend. 

You will cry the first time they give your two month old baby a shot. And hold down a five year old with all your strength when they get one, hiding your tears so they won't know how much it hurts you to see them in pain. 

You will learn it is never a good idea to go to Disney World either seven months pregnant in the Spring, or with two kids under two. 

You will discover a little girl of two will dress herself and look homeless 90% of the time, but it's more important to get out of the house on time than to fight this battle. Every. Single. Day.

And then one day, you'll look up, and notice that it is better. 

They sleep for twelve hour stretches at a time, and nap on cue each day. 

They play outside for an hour while you sit inside and read a book. 

They can be brought to a restaurant, where they can be trusted to sit and eat quietly, and behave with little prompting. Eating out as a family will become enjoyable! (Mostly.)

They can be reasoned with, and talked to, because all of a sudden they are real people who are capable of reasonable thought.

They will get up on a Saturday morning and watch cartoons while you sleep in till whenever you feel like it. (Cue the angels singing.)

They can tell you that they feel sick, and what hurts, and you can make it better.

They play at the park, they swing themselves and run unassisted and rarely need your help.

They turn into the type of people that you truly enjoy, with manners and opinions and thoughts that challenge you and make you a better person for knowing them.

They become kids, and not babies, who go to school and learn things not taught by you, and come home brimming with all they learned and seen since seeing you last.

You'll learn they remember almost nothing before the age of four, making you exempt from every mistake you made until then. They will also then remember everything after that, and bring it up. Often. 

And then you'll look back, and wish for one more hour with that feisty toddler, or  squishy nine month old. Because you know that IT GETS BETTER, and time passes quickly. 

I promise. 

Fall trends with Lulu*s: plaid (and a new hair color!)


 ℅ Lulu*s plaid dress (only $37!, size down); Target shoes (similar); Asos jacket, old (similar); Old Navy coated denim pants; Tassel necklace, old (similar.)

Check out Lulu*s new redesigned site, HERE!

So, I dyed my hair back to brown. And I like it? It's funny, it's my natural color and I've had it for going on 34 years, but three or so months of a blonder look and now I'm torn! This color IS easier to maintain, though, and suits me (if I remember to fill in my brows and put on lipstick!)  Bear with me while I figure out my new normal, okay?

On that note, I wanted to show you this cute, plaid ruffled dress from Lulu*s that I've been wearing for a couple of weeks now! I wore it to the Gone Girl premier in town earlier this month, AND to a friends' surprise birthday party, then out and about with my kids on some errands this past weekend. I'm in love, and when I'm in love I wear things to death. This is meant to be a dress, but I like to layer it with skinny jeans and ankle boots for a bit more coverage. PLUS, it was in the thirties this morning, so pants and a jacket were key! 

I was thinking of a way to make plaid more fun for this time of year, and not cliched. I've worn it basic with jeans, on a dress, and swathed in a scarf, but now I wanted to mix it up with a bit of leopard. I love the mix of these prints, especially when they are both saturated and full of life. I think leopard tends to go with everything, and in a jacket form it makes an ordinary outfit really POP. I also love plaid mixed with faux leather. It's the juxtaposition of a fabric or pattern that shouldn't go tougher, but does and CAN.

Tell me, how do YOU like to wear plaid in the Fall

P.S. See how my friend Megan, at Chasing Davies, styles HER plaid look from Lulu*s!

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What I'm loving at Nordstrom RIGHT NOW (and a giveaway!)


Old Navy plaid top, jeans and bag; Target Thor tee and hat (similar); Hunter boots.

Sometimes I forget about the wonder of Nordstrom, as we don't have one nearby and it's often a bit more pricey for me. But THEN, I find awesome stuff when they have their annual sale, or something catches my eye on another blogger and I decide it needs to be mine (Blogger sell through WORKS, folks;)

Also, gift cards of free money helps, too…see below!

Here are some of the things I've been eyeing at Nordstrom (online) lately:

I have two pairs of Hunter boots already, but last week I saw a mama on the soccer fields in these matte black ones, and I was smitten. They looked so chic with basic denim and a slouchy sweater.

This reversible tote looks EXACTLY like the Madewell Transport tote, except it reverses (go figure!), and it's so much cheaper! I really want the tan and silver version.

You know how sometimes you end up pinning twenty five different versions of the SAME THING on Pinterest sometimes? I have a slight obsession with poncho's, and this tassel trimmed Southwestern-ish one is amazing. 

Sam Edelman Petty bottles are the best, I think they are the most perfect ankle boots (I have them in tan!) Loving this silver speckled version.

I have a blank nyc moto jacket that I adore that has since sold out, but this one is cheaper and looks pretty edgy, too!

Lastly, I've been searching for a long, white faux fur vest lately. I think it would look so cool over an all black look, very sleek and fun. Would YOU wear a white vest?

On THAT note, my sponsors have graciously donated funds for a $75 Nordstrom giftcard giveaway! The giveaway will last a week and is open to anyone that can receive a Nordstrom e-giftcard;) Good luck!

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watch/read/wear (and in case you missed it…)


Sneak peek for next week!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you just feel off? Not good, not bad, just….meh. I've been laying low the past couple of days, reading books and blogs, and going to bed really early, and that feels GOOD. I like to do this every once in awhile, sort of get all my ducks in a row and organize my thoughts and feelings. I'm always best when I hibernate within my own mind and set my goals and intentions for the future, even if they involve more friend time and less shopping;)

On that note, I am getting my hair cut and colored TODAY, which is so necessary and something I've been looking forward to! I'm cutting a few inches off and getting some lowlights to blend this blonde in at the roots better, because, HOLY grow-in pains. These black roots aren't pretty. 

Here are some OTHER things I've been loving lately:


These three pairs of shoes from DSW shoes (studded, wedge booties, leopard) are on their way to my home, and I am DYING to show them off to you. Which are your favorite? 


I first saw this article on Facebook about why stay at home mama's should shut up and stop whining…I obviously angry clicked over to see what it was about, and was pleasantly surprised. Thoughts?

If you've ever wanted to write a novel, this month is IT! My gal pal Chelsea, over at The Girl Who Loved To Write, has come up with the perfect plan…are you in?

I love Jess Connolly's vision of Practicing Motherhood. Truthful posts about motherhood (that don't make me feel bad about myself!) are the best.

In case you missed it…

Why Target ALWAYS wins in my book.

The adorable hairstyle I tried on my daughter this past weekend.

Happy weekend, friends! And fun plans you'd like to share?

Target DOES it again. Which it always does, but we knew this, right?


Blank NYC moto jacket (similar); Old Navy jeans and hat (similar); Sam Edelaman 'petty' boots; Target scarf; ℅ Lulu*s bucket bag; Logo top (similar.)

It's come to my attention lately, that if I am patient enough Target will make my life easier. Any and all trends that I am drooling over at higher prices (and sometimes BOUGHT at higher prices elsewhere…booooooo), trickle themselves down to Target at a much chapter price point.

Take this scarf. You can't look through Instagram or visit any blog and NOT see a plaid, blanket style scarf. They are everywhere. I've been admiring a more expensive one on the past month or so, when I found the one I am wearing above at Target for $16.99. It has the same feel and look, but with the added wearability of a regular scarf (I mean, blanket scarves ARE bulky, right?!) Also, it is soft and I sort of want to turn it into a comforter and sleep with it. 

I've also noticed a couple of options for slip on sneakers (Leopard! Quilted leather!), that are A LOT less than the name brand ones I ended up buying last Spring. I hate when I do that! I bite the bullet and buy the ones that are popular, and then I see them for much less at Target. NOT winning. 

The same savings can be had with this Buffalo print jacket  that I've been side eyeing it for days now. I may need a buffalo plaid intervention.

Tell me, what have you bought at Target lately that is much less than a popular, trendy item?
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