How to style ankle boots


Top from the grocery store (bought while perusing the produce, ha!), option and option; Old Navy jeans; Target boots; necklace via Rocksbox.

A group of us mama's were chit chatting at soccer practice this past Saturday and the subject of how to wear ankle boots came up. I am a HUGE fan of wearing ankle boots year round, and as a matter of fact I own only ankle boots (besides my rain boots), so I may or may not have an issue. Ha. I just think they make every outfit better, from a pair of skinny jeans and a top, to a dress and tights, all the way up to something more formal. They edge up a look depending on the pair, and just make life better.

Here are some tips on how exactly to style these boots, and my tips for making it work for you:

- In my opinion, ankle boots look the best when worn with a skinnier leg pant or legging, or with a dress/skirt. I like to roll my pants up a little when wearing an ankle boot so that a little bit of skin shows. This lengthens the leg line in my opinion, and creates a slimming look. This gets a bit trickier in the cooler winter months, but until it seriously snows here I am willing to have cold ankles;)

- I love wearing ankle boots with dresses and skirts! I think it has a more unexpected look, and creates more interest. I also love wearing them in the warmer months with denim cutoffs and a tee (or tights, denim cutoffs, and a sweater in winter!), or a faux leather skirt and band tee

-Something I like to do when going out to something fancier is to pair a more casual able boot with a dresser dress. I always strive to make something a bit off about a look, and ankle boots are a great way to do this. It creates a more unique look and adds visual interest!

This is a look I have been lusting over lately, too!

-In the winter months I love wearing fleece lines tights with a dress and ankle boots, or a skirt and sweater. It becomes something other than a pair of pants and a top, and the boots are more practical in the snow. (Though I have been known to get snow all inside my boots while bounding through snow banks, oops!) 

-I've mentioned before, but 99% of my boots come from Target. I love that they have trendy looks for less, and that I can get a new pair of boots or two each season. I have a variety of pairs in a bunch of different colors, though a basic pair of black and a tasseled pair of my current faves;) I'll link some of my favorite pairs below that I own, and some I WISH to own someday. 

Long live the ankle boot!

Tell me, what is your favorite way to wear ankle boots? OR, what boots do you like best?

3 ways to rock the marsala color trend


Nordstrom jacket; top (option); Old Navy jeans; Target hat, old (similar); ℅ Ted and Muffy ankle boots; Dooney and Bourke bag.

It's like clockwork each year around this time. I look around in my closet and all of a sudden the color palette I love for Summer (lots of white and faded denim with bright, floral patterns) starts to look tired. I want to start fresh each Fall and transition to a darker look, with deeper jewel tones and darker patterns (hello leopard!) My nails get painted black each week (my fave), my darker lipsticks come out, and anything and everything in burgundy is purchased or brought out of storage. 

I always think it's funny when a color becomes really trendy, especially when this particular color just seems to always be in at this time of year. For the past couple of years it has been Marsala (or oxblood, burgundy, merlot…ha, I need wine now;) I love incorporating Marsala into my clothing and accessories in the Fall, it just feels RIGHT. It's like a state mandated girl law to wear it on repeat, am I right? 

Here are 3 ways to rock the marsala color trend this Fall:

1) The easiest way for me to start with a new color, or something trendier, is to incorporate it in my makeup. One of my favorite lipstick colors for Fall is Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in "Lead The Way." It's a deep wine color and has almost a goth look to it. My husband hates it! It is definitely an adventurous lip color, but one that instantly make me feel up to date and current. I also really enjoy a burgundy nail color, and would also choose a deeper purple eyeliner as a fun pop of color on my eyes. 

2) The second easiest way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe is through accessories. I've had this hat above for a couple of years and I love how it brings color to my face in the drearier winter months. You get extra points for wearing an oxblood fedora, too! Scarfs and gloves/mittens also work here. Target is my go to place for stuff like this, because they tend to have the trendier colors and patterns for a low price point, and I can always find something there. 

Note: Can we discuss the awesomeness of this burgundy striped cape? Or this quilted leather cross body bag?

3) Lastly, clothing is an obvious (and really fun) way to bring in this color trend. I bought this faux leather jacket above (similar option) from Nordstrom this Summer and I have been dying to wear it! I wear it with all black a lot, and think it is such a great alternative to the black (faux) leather moto jacket look (which I own as well.) I have been eyeing this Free People top in burgundy, as well as this Lush tunic, too. Oh, and THIS yummy sweater! I may have a problem. Anything that I can throw on with jeans and feel fresh and current in makes me a happy girl;)

Tell me, do you follow color trends? What is your favorite way to wear marsala?

7 things from my closet that I wear on repeat (and never get tired of)


Old Navy chambray top, jeans, and bag, old (option); Target boots and hat, old (option.)

I noticed something interesting while shifting all my summer clothes out of my closet and bringing my Fall/Winter clothes back up this weekend. While I bring a lot of new things in on a regular basis, I tend to wear the same basics over and over again as a base and make all new looks with these same items. My wardrobe at this point is pretty casual, as I'm just beginning to work part time outside of the home and my life as a stay at home mom demands an easier look. I like to be comfortable, but I also like to look put together and like I care about taking care of myself. I started thinking about the clothes I have in my wardrobe that really work for me for multiple occasions, and wanted to put together a list for you (with options under each choice, too. Let's do this!

1) Jeans are something I wear almost exclusively. I favor a skinny jean, and the Rockstar brand at Old Navy are my go-to. They have recently redone their jeans and this newer version has a higher waist, and the fit seems to be more realistic. I love a jean with some distress, typically a ripped knee or two, and I often cut the bottoms at the ankle and fray them, or cuff them with ankle boots. I like a dark wash (above), a pair of black, and usually a white and gray, too.

I also have a pair of camo pants I bought a couple of years ago from Old Navy and always wear, that I have never seen there again. These are similar.

2) Ankle boots are my favorite type of boot, and the only kind I have besides my Hunter rain boots. Target is my favorite place to buy shoes, with these fringe ones above being a current favorite. I also love my Sam Eldeman Petty boots in Putty, and a pair of black buckled ones I got at Target years ago (similar option.) I really like that ankle boots look awesome with jeans, skirts, and even shorts in the Summer. I think they make any look a bit more edgier;)

3) A year or so ago I splurged on the Free People lace tunic (last worn here), and I have never regretted it. It looks great over anything, it has such pretty detail with the lace and ruffles, and I now need it in black. Ha. I also own a similar one from Target that is a near identical look.

4) I have a bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to hats. I like them for a pop of color or a bit of fun in the drearier winter months, and they also hide hair that is less than clean;) I like beanies the most, with Target (surprise!), being a fave for where I buy them. I like ones with pretty details like studded hearts, or a fun and trendy color like the one in burgundy I'm wearing above.

5) I've notice that I have a lot of shorts in my closet that pull double duty for me, both at home and at work. They tend to be a little oversized, are often a button up style, and can be tucked into a pair of black pants and worn with cute flats, or worn with jeans and boots (see above.)

6) I also have a bit of a jewelry obsession! I love that I can make a mostly boring look more exciting with some cute jewelry options. I'm obsessed with my Alex and Ani snake and feather bracelets, and I wear  a bunch of bracelets and earrings from Baublebar on a daily basis (these Phased out bracelets, this similar Constellation pendant necklace), as well as multiple studs in both ears that often mismatch.

7) Finally, I have a couple of fun faux leather items that I think add some edge to my look for certain occasions. I love these faux leather pants paired with a slouchy sweater or tunic top, a faux leather skirt (similar) that looks great with ankle boots and a crop top, and a great faux leather jacket for casual AND dressy looks.

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I have no idea how to wear a blanket scarf


Nordstrom tunic; Old Navy jeans; Target boots; Amandamacstudio blanket scarf.

I've realized something over the weekend. I have NO IDEA how to wear a blanket scarf. I mean, I see all these awesome ladies on Instagram wearing their blanket scarves in the cutest ways, but the second I fold mine and wind it around my neck I feel like I'm choking. The damn thing is just so BIG. And cumbersome. (Though I love it as a shawl, or a blanket in a pinch;)

I have a theory on this.

I dutifully folded mine and arranged it oh so artfully around my neck and took a couple of photos with it with my phone, and it looked pretty good. It looked just like I see on other girls, very Fall  and #thedailybasic, all I was missing was a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hand. Except, it felt weird on. It was so big around my neck, and bunched weird in the back and just wasn't right. So my thought is the blanket scarf so cool and "in" that most of us ignore how uncomfortable it is and wear it anyway because of its coolness? 

Or am I doing it wrong? Ha.


5 books I've read lately and loved (and 5 books I plan to)


 Forever 21 lace kimono; Free People tunic; Old Navy jeans; Topshop flats (OBSESSED, size up!); ℅ Lulu*s sequin clutch.

Our book club started back up this past weekend, and I couldn't be happier! Mixing two of my favorite things, (reading + hanging out with some of my favorite ladies), is something that I look forward to each month. For those that know me well, reading is my life. It is as essential to me as breathing and an activity that I prioritize. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do read about 5 books a week, and that makes me a very happy girl. I read a lot of different types of books, but my favorite is a good 'ol fashioned romance novel. These kind of books can get a lot of backlash. (I see you side eying me…;) Some think they are throwaway books, or not "real" fiction, or that they're silly, but I love them!  I also really enjoy historical fiction, biographies, and anything that is getting hype on the NYT Best seller's list…but romance is my true love;)

Here are the some of the best books I've read lately, and what's in my queue to read NEXT:

Note: No laughing at some of these titles! Romance novelists are very, um, cleverwith their titles. Ha.

1) Scoring Wilder by R.S. Grey  This was a great romance with a strong female lead (love that), who happens to be a dedicated soccer star. I love reading sports romance, but having the lead female as the athlete was a great twist for me. Also recommend With This Heart and The Allure of Julian LeFray, both by the same author. The first is really heartfelt, the second was literally laugh out loud funny.

2) Wild Reckless by Ginger Scott This is probably one of my favorite romances I've read this year, with a lot of twists and turns and a lot of angst, I guess you could say. There are some serious issues in this book that the author wrote about really well, and the love story was very in depth and emotional. 

3) Hollywood Dirt by Allessandra Torre I read about this author first in an article in Elle magazine once, about how she burst onto the e-book writing scene and quickly became a best selling author. I was intrigued and looked her up immediately! She writes some pretty raunchy erotica stuff typically I (...hey, I like that, too!), but this one was more tame. The lead was strong, really funny, and didn't let the guy walk all over her, something I look for in a romance. I recommend. 

4) Sacked by Jen Frederick The cover on this one is pretty funny, but the story itself was really good! I have Kindle Unlimited, which lets me get books from their Unlimited category for $9.99 a month, and this was one that caught my eye. I'm so glad I read it! It's a sports romance (I've been on a roll with those), with a bit of a twist. Knox may be my new book boyfriend after reading this...

5) Sloth by Ella James This book had a lot of intrigue, and you never actually figured out what was going on until the very end, but the secret was worth it! I love the characters, I enjoyed trying to figure out all the secrets involved, and the romance portion was really hot. 

Currently reading: The Air He Breathes by Brittany Cherry This is about two people who have faced loss and how they deal with it. The writing is really beautiful and the emotions heartfelt. I love it so far.

What I'm reading next!

1) The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham This is our book club book for next month and I can't wait to dig in!

2) Still Alice by Lisa Genova I have a friend that is reading this for her book club, and I am intrigued. I love reading books that become movies, but reading the book and understanding it before seeing the movie is pretty important to me. Books are always better, ha!

4) Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen I went through all the books by this author at the library this Spring and Summer pretty hard. I know she is considered a YA author, but those are often my favorite types of books to read (and the first place I look when I go to the library.) Her characters are always so nuanced and different, and I love how she tells stories. This is her newest and I've been waiting for it to arrive at my library so I can read it. 

5) The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah I've been eyeing this book for awhile and plan to dig in soon. I'm always a little behind the curve when it comes to reading stuff right when it comes out, but this one seems too good to miss. 

Tell me, what do YOU like to read? Any recommendations for me?

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