Blush off the shoulder dress


Target dress and fringe pouch; Old Navy sandals, old (similar and cuter, imo!); Baublebar choker; Kendra Scott necklace via Rocksbox.

I bought this dress in a panic, heading out to a Monat conference, bags all packed and the thought that what I had was all wrong. Obviously I needed another option (to the five or six already packed, ha!) I walked by it several times before finally deciding to try it on. It had zero hanger appeal, the only thing that made me try it on was a little desperation and a styled photo of it on some other blogger on an advertisement in store. Once I tried it on, I KNEW! I love the blush color and the off the shoulder action that is trending huge right now. I've worn it twice to fancier events, with heeled booties and glam earrings. I wanted to see if it translated to a more casual look, and it did. 

Looking at the photos I think I'd try again with simpler metallic sandals and a tote to make it even more casual. I prefer it styled dressier myself, but it's fun to take things from my closet and make them work for my everyday life (i.e. trips to the grocery store and watching my kids play baseball.) While I probably wouldn't wear this to  a practice (a bit much, no?), I would meet a friend for coffee or do some errands with my family in it. The fabric is really lightweight (I'd suggest some light underwear or some slipshorts under it, and the size fits pretty generously (I'm wearing an XS.) The only issue? It wrinkles easily, but if you're okay with that, I am, too;)

What's new over here in 5


Blank nyc jacket; Target tee; Matisse boots; Baublebar necklace; Forever 21 pants, old (similar.)

1) I've been in a style rut lately that loosely translates into, "too lazy to care." I put on the same tired looks, I ignore the other 95% of my closet, and I just plain don't put any effort in. Which is FINE, except I don't feel my best when I do this. I'm working on getting dressed more, even if I'm home alone working, even if it's a trip to the grocery store (where I was heading above!), even if it's to a friend's house to hang out. Turns out, I have a lot of great clothes and accessories to wear, I should wear them;)

2) In the same vein as the "too lazy to get dressed" area of my life, I've been slacking iff when it comes to my diet. I uitilize Fitness Pal and work out 2-3 days a week, but I was splurging waaaaay too much. Which is okay if your 23 and can eat what you want (I remember the days.....), except I can't now. If I want to look and feel my best I have to really watch what I eat. I can splurge, but not on all the things, you know? I'm not super awesome at moderation, so I either have zero pieces of cake or two, two HUGE glasses of wine, or none. It's a struggle, which brings me to...

3) I've been side eyeing that whole 'macros and micros' thing for awhile, and I was intrigued. Looking into it, it isn't that far off how I eat now. I don't take any food out of the equaton if I want it, but if I want a huge ice cream sundae for dinner, that is my whole meal, and I'm eating salads and protein the rest of the day. I've been logging my macros into Fitness Pal (find your macros HERE), and I find that I am more full and eat better when I eat the correct amount of protein/carbs and fat. Here's the deal: you DO have to be aware of where you are throughout the day when it comes to your macros. I use the premium version of Fitness Pal and weigh a lot of my food so I have the correct amount. A lot of times towards the end of the day I am FULL and still need to add calories, I'm assuming it's the protein that does this? Anyway, I feel good about it. It's been 2 weeks and I like it right now. I'm a routine eater, so if I have things I like I will eat them over and over again and it's easy to log it in. I'm not as focused with weight as I am in feeling good inside and out. I weigh myself about once a week and base my feelings on progress on how my clothes fit and my own vision of how I look. Does that make sense?

4) Since I've been working hard on the flexible dieting front, I am picking up the pace at the gym. I do a lot of interval stuff on the treadmill for cardio (2 minutes at 10% incline and 2 at 15% for 30 minutes), followed by high intensity interval stuff and weights (burpees, lunges, squats, etc), and then I do a final 10-15 minutes of cardio (I try to run, or I do the eliptical.) I'm really working on toning more than anything, and burning fat. I like to feel strong and like I can do hard stuff, so this program is working for me. I mostly make it up as I go along and stay at the gym about and hour to an hour and a half, three days a week. 

5) Finally, these denim shorts are a new fave of mine! They are distressed and that pale denim color I love this time of year. I bought my typical size (size 28) and they are actually a little loose, so I have the size 27 on the way to see if those are better. I'll keep you posted on sizing! 

Tell me, what's new with you?! Have you heard of flexibile dieting (macros and micros?) Any tips for me?

The state of blogging over here


Blank nyc faux leather jacket; Free People tee; Target skirt; Adidas sneakers.

I've been thinking a lot of what exactly the POINT of blogging is for me lately. I feel like mostly it is a hassle. Finding time to take pictures, finding time to write. Finding WHAT ON EARTH to write about. It all seems like too much, lately. 

A couple of years ago there was no hassle. I posted five days a week and I dedicated a lot of time to blogging. I put aside a lot of the hobbies I love to blog, and I was okay with that. Now, well, not so much. I want to have time to read, time to hang out with my family now that the kids are older, time to dedicate to my shampoo business. I want to do way less here, and not have to force myself to blog. I've wanted to quit a million times over the last year and half.


I keep coming back. Each time I say I will not blog anymore, something comes up. A great campiagn, a post I write that gets a great reaction, or I write something that makes ME feel better. Something always drags me back.

Let's face it. This will never be my full time job. I won't have 100,000 Instagram followers or make tons of money doing this, and that is OKAY. I can't compare myself to those that have made it (good for them!), or those that can post more regularly and take better pictures and have cuter outfits. I'll never have that designer bag to show off, or a new outfit each day here. That's not my reality.


I DO enjoy blogging. Sometimes. I like when I put together a fun outfit, and the pictures turn out nice, and I can write a post that makes me smile. I like the friends I've made, the connections that occur when I write something that stirs something in someone who reads it, and just having a blog that I alone have created and written for this long. 

There are over 1000 posts here, which is crazy. I've taken millions of photos and written millions of words and I am proud of this site. Where does it go when I quit? Was it all for nothing?  What do I do if I no longer sign into Blogger each day? That boggles my mind. 

There will come a day when this is done for me, I know that. It could be next week, or next year. I have no idea. I'm blogging now because I still like it (most of the time!) I'm blogging because I love fashion and style and posting here pushes me to be the best me I can be. I'm blogging until it no longer brings me joy. (Which happens most of the time, if I'm honest. There isn't a lot of joy left.) 

As long as I feel like I have something to say, I'll blog. 

That's the state of blogging for me, right now. 

I tried to say no, but I couldn't


Old Navy dress; Target cardigan; Adidas sneakers; Rayban sunglasses; Kate Spade watch; Stella and Dot pendant necklace.

I like to follow trends. There, I said it. It makes me feel good to have something that is current and new and trendy in my closet (with reservations, of course!) Some things I can say yes to easily...a certain color, perhaps, or fit. It's easy to get a pair of flared jeans, or grab an inexpensive choker at Forever 21. Sometimes the trends take more thought, if they are more expensive, or if I'm not sure they'll fit into my lifestyle. 

These sneakers were something I had to think about for awhile.

I mean, I pinned a zillion pictures of cute gals wearing them, I could SEE they were popular, especially when they show up on every blog. I even had a pair back in the 90's (though they were pink-ish/red-ish suede, and I LOVED them.) Yet, I'm not really a sneaker girl. I wear them to workout, and that is it. I wasn't sure  that I would really wear them, you know? Would I grab my no fail fringe boots, instead of these? Would these be a purchase I regretted?

Needless to say, I stalked them for two months online, moving them in and out of carts multiple times. 

(This is super important stuff to discuss, no?) 

I FINALLY stopped waffling around and bought them for myself for Mother's Day (we do that a lot, my husband and I. I order something and tell him and we are happy with the ease of gift giving around here!) I sized down as recommended (bought a size 7, I typically wear an 8 or 8.5 in shoes.) I love them! I will probably wear them more with dresses and skirts, as I like the mix of casual and dressy. I did wear them to work last week with a pair of grey skinny jeans, a white V-neck tee, and a grey cardigan. (Casual Friday, #holla!) I can see myself getting a lot of use out of them (perhaps with this black bodycon dress for a date night?!) 

Tell me, do you like to follow trends? How do you decide what to invest in and what not to?

The twisted tunic I'm obsessed with (Because of Jackie X Tobi)


I'm pretty sure this is one of my most interesting pieces of clothing I own. The light as air fabric (that feels like peach skin, maybe? Does that make sense?), the pretty pale gray color, the high low hemline, and the way it floats in the breeze and just looks FUN. I'm in love. I wasn't sure at first how to wear it. I first wore it to work, with a  pair of cropped black pants and ankle boots, and got a lot of compliments. Work looks can be tricky for me. My style is a bit more casual and free and undone, while at work I tend to be more classic and simple, I guess? It's hard to put in words! I never want to look unprofessional, or too dressed up, or not be able to sit on the floor with the preschool kids or be hindered by accessories while I help in the cafeteria. I felt like myself in this top (cardigan? Ha!), and I like that. 

I like it even more when I wore it casual, like above. Cutoff jeans shorts, simple sandals, it was a great outfit to wear while shopping for flowers at the local nursery and hanging with my kids and husband while we got frozen yogurt downtown. I can see myself wearing this a lot, and that is was I like about adding new pieces to my closet. I HAVE to be able to wear it in my normal life and not feel too done or not like myself, and I have to be able to style it a couple of different ways. 

If you are in the market for some cool looks to add to your closet, Tobi has some awesome options. I've really loved the quality of their pieces and how they have all felt (weird fabrics gives me to chills.) Here is how I styled a fringe skirt and an off the shoulder romper (love them BOTH!) Note: all first time customers of Tobi get 50% off their first order!