its all in the details



F21 shirt (similar); JCrew outlet skirt (similar); Target boots and sunnies (similar); H&M bag (similar); Oia Jules bracelet.
When I get dressed in the morning I find I get the most excited about the details. A polish color, a new eyeliner shade, a bang braid, a cute pattern, a pop of color, fun jewelry. I don't think these details are always noticeable to others or if they make a big impact, but they make me feel better.
I love knowing I have something special to perk up my day and make even the most routine outfit exciting. I tend to spend the most on these details as I get the most wear out of them. I adore wearing my plain black tunics and skinny jeans, and if I throw on some fun bangles or jazz up my nails or hair I feel better about being a little boring in my clothing choices.
Tell me, what are the details you like to play with?