a day in (my) life


I got the idea for this post from the amazingly talented Casey Leigh (who I am sponsoring next month and am so proud to do so!) She recently did a day in her (very busy) life. I am always fascinated to see what other mom's do and how their day goes...so here's mine in a nutshell:

7:00am: Wake up. My children get up earlier, but stay in their rooms until I come out. This has taken extensive training to make this happen...involving door locks and such. Now it just works.

7:15am: Eat breakfast. My kids have pancakes that I make, waffles, toast or oatmeal and fruit along with milk or water. Lately they eat superslow which drives me nuts. I sit with them and drink coffee with skim milk and splenda. I am not often hungry right away and sometimes eat "breakfast" after 11am.

8:00am: I make lunches for Molly (five days a week) and Brady (two days a week) and direct them into getting dressed, making their beds, brushing teeth etc. I often publish my blog and post it to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest while they are doing this. With multiple interruptions.

8:45am: Drive Molly to preschool. On Tuesday and Thursday I bring both of them to school, both of which start and end at the same time but are in separate locations. Speeding may be involved to accomplish this.

9:15-10:30: On M/W/F I take Brady to the gym with me and he plays in the childcare area and I work out. I take Body Pump, Body Sculpt and do the Elliptical.
 On T/Th I go home and enjoy the quietness of a child free home and catch up on my favorite blog reading (45 minutes), plan future posts (1 hour), comment on other blogs (30 minutes), edit photo's (1 hour), do errands, grocery shop and all the other things that are impossible to do with a three and four year old around. In the summer/school vacation time this day doesn't exist and we usually are at the pool or park. School days are AMAZING for productivity.

11:00am: Brady and I come home, I shower after the gym and he watches a show. We eat lunch and leave at 12:15 to get Molly.

12:30pm: I pick up Molly (and Brady twice a week) and we go home. School bags are unpacked, lunch boxes cleaned and put away and the kids get ready for nap/quiet time.

1:00pm-3:00pm: This is nap time for Brady and quiet time for Molly. Brady still naps in his room with his room darkened, fan on and his two blankies. Molly plays quietly in her room. I either catch up on my blog business during this time or read or take a nap myself. I figure next year when Molly is five and goes to Kindergarten her quiet time will be over. This time of day is heavenly for me.

3:00pm: Kids come out of rooms and we have snacks.  They have fruit, cheese sticks, water, pretzels...whatever they feel like. Right now they are obsessed with cuties and eat them two at a time.
After snack we mostly hang out at home playing in the backyard, or the neighbor kids come over to play, or on Wednesday's we have gymnastics, or we visit my mom. It is different every day. I like to do reading lessons with Molly, or we read, too, as I find this is an easier time of day to sit and hang with them. Sometimes if we are being lazy we will watch shows (Disney Jr. is their current fave!) and snuggle on the couch. Typically on a school day we do not watch tv until right before bed when they watch one show.

4:30pm: In the winter I generally take my blog photo's as this is the best time of day for good "light." This takes about 15 minutes and I use a tripod and camera. If I catch it and I am dressed (not in gym clothes) I will take my photo's around 8:30am.

5:00pm: We eat dinner as a family between 5 and 5:30pm every night depending on when my husband comes home. We eat as a family every night and listen to music while eating (no tv.)

After dinner the kids take baths and get into their pajamas and I supervise while my husband cleans up from dinner (score!)

6:00-6:30 ish: The kids can watch a show before bed. This relaxes them and we hang out as a family. Sometimes we read books after. They each pick two books. Each child has a "day", meaning whose ever day it is gets to do things "first." Molly is the even days, Brady is the odd days. It helps eliminates fighting.

7:00pm: Bed time. I would say bedtime is anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30pm. Some days the kids are more tired and cranky and go to bed earlier, sometimes not. They both get tucked in, get sung some songs and lights are turned out. They will come out once or twice to use the bathroom, but go down pretty easily.

After bed I write my next day's blog post (1 hour) and get it all set to be published in the morning. I read a lot or catch up on Twitter/Facebook stuff for the blog. My husband watches a zillion "Alaskan Gold" shows and is a die hard sports fan. We generally go to bed around 11:00 or 11:30 after watching a little bit of Conan.

This is a look into my day as it exists right now. It is different in the summer when school is out, or even very different than it was a year ago. My kids are much for self sufficient and that makes it easier to really have fun with them and to have personal time for myself. I also respond to all my blog comments during the day, attempt to Instagram interesting things my readers may like and do various other things to help build my blogging brand.

So tell me: what does YOUR day look like?