stitchfix: a (non sponsored!) review


I've been pretty intrigued by StitchFix after I saw it on Twitter and on some of my favorite blogs. What you do is sign up on their website and fill out a style questionnaire. From there a stylist will pick out 5 things for you to try at home. The box arrives and it is like Christmas! I let it sit on the table next to me after it arrived because the anticipation was that good. 

What surprised me the most when opening was how every piece really did look like something I would pick for myself. Almost like the stylist had read my mind and found what really made me happy? What I thought was really cool was that the stylist (Alexandra!) had looked through my Pinterest and blog (provided by me in my questionnaire) to see what I was drawn to. It became personal and almost felt like what a one on one styling session would feel like. I laid out all the clothes on my bed and got trying. Every item had a tag on it with suggestions of how to wear it in different ways. I played around a little trying on different combinations and thought I would show the different items that were went to me. I need opinions, too, please!

1) Chevron Stripe Self Tie Tunic
This was my favorite as it had the graphic pattern I am typically drawn to and could be styled a couple of different ways. I tried it as a dress and also threw it over leather skinnies and loved that I could make it casual and dressy at the same time. The fabric was silky, but not in that cheap polyester kind of way (which lately creeps me out a little.)

2) Lance Chevron Lace Back Detail Top
The funny thing is, I didn't immediately love this shirt when I saw it. It had a lace back that I was worried about wearing with a bra (because this girl needs to wear a bra...) and it seems a little big at first glance. I did like it more once I had paired it with my leather skinnies and added black accessories. What kept me from ultimately buying it was the price ($58.) I liked it, but I don't like to spend that kind of money on a top that doesn't completely rock my world, you know?

3) Star Print Skinny Jeans
I saw these and fell in love! I really like a basic pair of jeans with a fun detail that enables me to wear them every day, but still feel special. Unfortunately, they were too small and I had recently ordered a similar pair of polka dot jeans from Zara. IF they had been the right size I would have ordered them, though. I'm a sucker for cute jeans...

4) Bow Print Front Tie Top
I loved the bow print on this top, it was one of my favorite prints in the bunch. I did feel like this was a little bit too dressy for my everyday life and it fit tighter and shorter than I prefer. It did look really good with a pencil skirt and if I was still working I would have gotten it. 

5) Double Spike Bracelets
These bracelets were so cute (and dangerous, ouch!) I loved the style and have been looking for something like this. However, the price ($38) was a little high for me and I think I would of liked a pure silver or pure gold finish instead of the antique look. 

All in all I have to say I really enjoyed trying out Stitchfix. It costs $20 to have it shipped to you and that cost is applied to whatever you want to buy. A bag is included to ship anything you don't want and the shipping is free. I have already scheduled my next box and look forward to seeing what is included. 

Tell me, which piece do YOU like best? 

P.S. Use this code to try your Stitchfix...