Once upon a time there was a little girl named Meagan who loved dresses. Except they had to have twirly skirts, because what girl doesn’t want to spin in circles and twirl like a ballerina? This little girl had a blank journal and created outfits with fashion templates. She loved clothes and all things sparkly and pink and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer someday. She read YM and Seventeen magazine and drooled over the clothing and models. She wanted to be Nikki Taylor and Liv Tyler. She created picture collages in her room and imagined one day she could be as cool as these girls.
The little girl grew up. She followed all the cool trends back in the day. Hypercolor sweatshirts! Scrunch socks! Grunge! Overalls! Scrunchies! Oh, the 80's and 90's were not kind to her. The little girl looks back at pictures and thinks, what was she thinking?

One day the little girl discovered Carolyn Bessette and Jackie Kennedy. She taped pictures of them all over her college dorm room. Her love of style was reignited. That little girl read all she could about these women, what made them chic? How could she be like them?

The little girl got married, had children. She lost herself a little. She let her magazine subscriptions run out. She wore the same things all the time. She had lost that spark that was her. That little girl who adored fashion and style and glamour had been pushed behind her. So she started a blog. She became excited, passionate and loved being able to share what she loves most. She fell in love all over again.
She named her blog Because of Jackie…because after all, it was Because of Jackie that her true love of style began.

So why don’t you stay awhile?